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Well here we are again.... 6th attempt at quitting... doing it cold turkey this time... been in bed since 6, I am shouting at husband, teenage kids and hating everything and everyone right now... BUT! I am a pro at this ;).... it will pass I might be the angriest and most irritable I have ever been on a quit... but it will pass.... Pleeease let it pass I am one horrible mare right now :(((

why cant I do it?? Why do we even get to quit 4/5 and 6? Its ridiculous... it makes me feel useless why cant I just do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeez and its only the first day! :/

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This is what I done...Good luck :)

Hi Donna,

Well firstly you are in the best place BED :)

You've come to the best place....HERE :)

I too am doing cold turkey. 1 st attempt and still going strong.

****** Miracle but also very proud..and really seriously I started this half heartedly under duress from my partner !

How ?

I tell you what I did at first and I swear it stopped me going MAD !

I googled smoking death images, smoking deceases images, smoking stats.

My famous quote is this

Do you know 1 person will die worldwide every 6 seconds to a smoking related disease ! That my friend is quoted by "WHO" a World Health Organisation.

There is also I quote... a worldwide epidemic of deaths occurring..horrible slow painful deaths. Morbid I know BUT THIS WORKED FOR much I brainwashed myself that I was going to be the next victim.

I am lucky I have had no health scares as yet (touching wood and everything else) I class myself pretty fit and still feel 52 years YOUNG ! So I've been lucky and I have also taken care. But it is all for nothing when you smoke !

Google Smoking Palmolive Bottle and you'll see a video that is so simple yet so terrifying !

To date I have NOT SMOKED OVER 3,000 fags....I cannot imagine that amount but how scary is that !

I read Allen Carr like a bible..I did consider NRT but I wanted rid of NICOTINE.

So I suppose what I done without realising it was this...I got my brain in gear, I got my facts together and I started.

NO ONE KICKED AND SCREAMED AND SHOWED OFF LIKE I DID...I was a living nightmare for my partner...EVERYTHING WAS going wrong because I didn't smoke !

It simply is a miracle I have never had one puff..

Yes I crave, I have held a fag to light, I have had a holiday abroad. I have faced all obstacles that can be thrown at me and yet still stand proud.


(Sorry for the book) lol....

But take ten mins at a time....READ LIKE MAD...

THIS FORUM HAS ALL THE ANSWERS...all for your taking.

Wishing you good luck..:) x

Just wanted to add this too.....

In my quit time 170 days 163,351,149 people have died worldwide due to a smoking related death :(


thanks for your kind words and scary statistics its just what I needed to spur me on again and stop feeling blinking sorry for myself! Off to google the palmolive bottle :) xxx will post again tomorrow on day 2 x

Tell me when you have seen it Donna...I tell you, it might be just me but my God that represents our lungs ! Hope you find it ok. X

Yes, the horror stories can really snap you out of it in those early days.

Donna, try not to worry too much about the amount of times you have attempted your quit. The point is that you will not give up giving up! It takes a strong person to break such an addictive habit, but an even stronger one to come back and give it another shot!

You will totally have this quit. Just believe it! :)

This is the best place for you to be. Just remember to complain, shout, cry, whatever you need! X

Hear hear Sarah :) x


Well that was very honest and from the heart my love. Please don't dwell on past quits, go into this one focused, if you get yourself in the correct mindset, I promise you will find yourself saying, this feels different. When you feel that, in my experience, confidence is gained and Yehh it's 'The One'

Fi x

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