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guess whos back with a bran new

Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing ok wether its been 5 minutes or 3 years or your quits. So im back, my gums have been flarring up since i started having the old cancer sticks and quite frankly its scary! and thats the effects i can feel god knows the ones i cant!

Also just before the final 'for god sakes what are you doing!?' i was thinking this after after reasing a little bit of a book by the dehli lama 'what is it that makes me happy?' and honestly...its feeling healthy, light and bright so what am i doing smoking? i noticed that it already makes me anxious again rather than relaxes me and also my sinus's have been stinging all day. Im gutted i caved 3 weeks into my quit, but it really is easy to quit, its the staying quit X number of weeks down the road thats hard.

So day 1 it is. But im not going to count days because what are we counting towards? its just me simply not doing something lol

anyways needed a rant, off out for a meal now so buying tic tacs for after :D

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:):)HI Nicki and welcome back, so pleased to see you back so soon.

It sounds like you are very positive and have your head in the right place this time. so very pleased for you and keep posting you'll soon catch back up



I'm so glad you've got back on the wagon :)

You've definitely made the right decision!!


Well done Nikki... best of luck to you :)


Welcome back Nikki and well done for deciding to hit this head on again! I like the idea of not counting (though it definately helped me in the early days) as, like you say, we're simply choosing not to do something. I hope this is the one for you. Don't forget to shout if you need us! :) There'll always be someone here.


Hi Nikki,

I just replied to your post of the 19th, but Kat just pointed out that you're already back with us so I deleted it!!!! Awesome, to see you back so quickly.

Really just wanted to say that the battle is more of a psychological one than a physical one and if you can look on quitting as a positive thing regaining health, wealth and control rather than making a sacrifice and depriving yourself of some kind of pleasure or reward, then you'll find it an easier journey.

Its all about learning to live without our old, destructive, selfish friend nicotine.




welcome back to the rest of your healthy happy life! :3


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