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No Smoking Day
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Hi peeps im back!

Hi guys, well here i am back at the start again and im determind not to balls it up this time!,

At least now i am prepared and armed with the knowledge that even after three months, temptation will be lurking in the background.

I also am going to try and figure out some new coping techniques, so that if problems arise for me i will not succumb again.

I must admit things still rnt good on the homestead, but im not adding to my troubles destroying myself with smoking.

Totally off subject but i find it funny that i started back on the fags and i have had tingly teeth again, maybe a coincidence? hmmmmm will know for sure if it subsides in the next few days.

Anyways im glad to be back guys, although i wish it were under different circumstances, but never mind!


ps- just wanna thank every1 for their kind words and support on my "sorry guys" thread, it gave me a real boost and encouraged me loads, so cheers peeps!:)

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:D woooo hooo!!

Hello and welcome to day 1 *mwah*

Hehe hope it goes smoothly for you x x x x

100 posts to the minute and you should keep on the straight and narrow ;)


Good to see you

~Buffy x x


hehehehehe only 100 to the minute buffy?? u underestimate me! :D


Welcome back!

A big welcome back! The fact that you came back is a big accomplishment. This is NOT easy! Good luck & I hope things get better on the homefront!


Not smoked for: 0Y 4W 1D 2H 45M not smoked: 291 Cigarettes. Saving me £ 78.61. I will now live longer by: 0Y 0W 0D 23H 18M. I Quit on the:. Monday, October 01, 2007 6:00:26 AM.


hehehehehe only 100 to the minute buffy?? u underestimate me! :D

Hehehe :D rofl

Sorry :p

Based on my typing skills :rolleyes: hehe


Hi Charlene,


It is so great to see you back with us again!

I'm sure you'll crack it this time! You know what to expect from quitting.

Look at what made you slip up last time and devise a plan to overcome that next time you're in that situation. You could obviously try and avoid that situation to begin with but you do need to consider that you can't avoid these things for the rest of you're life. Thats what I thought about drinking. I was so worried about slipping up when I drank that at first I was avoiding drink altogether. I decided that I couldn't go through life like this and have overcome it.

Not to say I never feel the urge anymore cos I do! I almost slipped up 3 weeks ago when my dad died, the only person who stopped me was my mum who said 'how is smoking going to make you feel better?' She was absolutely right, I would of been mad as 40 years of heavy smoking was the reason my dad died. but if she hadn't been there, I would of, and thats scares me I wasn't thinking about dad and that moment, I was thinking of me, all rational thinking went out the window.

Good luck this time Charlene! We're all behind you!



Thanks Barney thats good advice, and advice i will certainly be following! :)

Im really sorry to hear about your father , and totally well done to you for not caving during what must be a very stressful and sad time for you and your family. :o

ps- totally agree with what you said about avoiding certain situations, which is why i thought to myself "its now or never for giving up" even though i am having a stressful time at the moment, i cant use that as an excuse to smoke. :)


Thanks Charlene,

I must admit that my reasons have change abit since I originally gave up.

I gave up smoking on 1st July when the smoking ban came into effect (one of my selfish reasons). My dad was just starting to get unwell but wasn't actually diagnosed with lung cancer until 8th August.

i do try and remember my dad and how ill he looked and was whenever I get an urge but it can still be a struggle sometimes.

A few people on here know my story and as I've said before, I hope it will help people with their quit. I know it helps me.


Sorry about the stressful time :(

I also think that waiting for a calm time leaves little distraction and can make quitting harder. If that makes sense and doesn't sound too mad :o


Yeah i know what u mean buffy, that it leaves u a bit "bored" for want of a better word.

To be honest though at the mo, i am still in the train of thought where im thinking, god a fag would make me feel better, hahaha as if a fag can put right all the wrongs in the world. I know i have to stop this negative train of thought, its the addiction doing the thinking.

I know in my heart of hearts it doesnt sove a damn thing! :rolleyes:


Good on you x x x

Although it's tough at least you are thinking in a realistic way x x x x

At least your on a free pass to eat what you want again :D


Welcome back charlene. I have quit many times b4 but know that this is "IT". All the best:D:D:D


yum yum! pass those doughnuts over then, now that is something i love about quitting,.........THE FOOD!! :D hehehehehe

Thanks kazza for the support and good wishes, and well done you on your quit, i really do think the hardest part of a quit, (aside from the cravings of course) is actually biting the bullet and deciding to do it! so everyone here in my eyes should feel triumphant for the plain fact that they are here and going for it! :D



Hey charlene feel your pain... thought I had really quit and got sucked back in by psycing myself out on the idea that I could smoke just a little if I followed some rules BS!

Anyway back at it and it never gets easier but you cant give up right.


Hi charlene!!!!

glad to see you back on the wagon .....

yes i know how it is so easy to go back to it, i gave up for 12 yrs and went back thinking i could 'take it or leave it' until you realise u are hooked!!

anyway i have been given up for nearly 4 months and went to spain last week and found it REALLY HARD!!! but sense told me that if i had one or two i could be easily back on the smoking road.

well any way, u live and learn, and your mistake (for want of a better word)

will give you strength in the future xxxx

barney --- sorry to hear about your dad xxxxxx

and as your mum says, smoking wont help the situation, take care hun xxx


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