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No Smoking Day
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Im new to this site...so here goes!

Hello All,

Yo have been a help to me, without me being a member....just came and found this thread and read away! You have no idea how much you have all helped, so I thought Id register, and chat away and help others too! On day 14 of not smoking, and I feel EPIC! :). Don't get me wrong, I have had those days when all I want is a ciggie...yesterday being a real tester of my strength...but it is is getting easier. Ive not gone CT, my job is stressful (seriously it is!!) Im using patches and and the inhaler thingy (its been chewed half to death let alone anything else!), and Im currently addicted to Buttermints! So as a new member, Thanks to you all for your stories!! Lets keep going, cos it can only get better, right!?

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Wow, day 14, well done and welcome to the group, chat and rant away :D



Congratulations 14 days as a non-smoker is absolutely brilliant! If I can I visit the forum daily, it has been a tremendous help on my road to freedom and although I am almost 13 weeks smoke free, I still regard it as a vital part of my quit.


Hi magicmom !

So pleased you have joined in. As you know from reading the posts - it does easier and better. When I first joined up I really enjoyed reading all the posts especially the PENTHOUSE ones :) It's comforting to know that whatever you are going through....someone has experienced it too and you are Not Going Crazy :)

Congrats on 14 days that is EPIC an amazing achievement to feel very very proud of. :)


Welcome Magic mom

Absolutely it does get better.! Your first post reminds me of mine from over a year ago. I too read Forum for hours on end, without becoming a member. I read the amazing stories for hours in end and found the site so helpful long before I even signed up!

Go girl

Fi x


Well done, it does get easier (been there before trying to get there again). :) found this site by chance and found it a great. All the best for your quit x


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