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im so down i feel like laughing


today has been terrible, i hate everything, called into the managers office today which got to me, and work was so stressfull...i dont like to moan but i felt every reason i was quiting smoking sliping through my fingers, i feel ill and tired all the time, and now it is feeling as though i have deprived myself of the only friend thats there for me a smoke, its just the way im feeling today but i know if i have another day like this 1 i wont be a x-smoker anymore. i need help.

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Come on, chin up. Most of us have been there done it and got the t shirt. Promise you it will get better - the situation at work won't improve with a ciggie and you will feel lousy about having one. Just imagine your boss sat naked on the toilet and have a good laugh xx

Your poor love - practically everyone on this site will know exactly how you feel. The physical withdrawal symptoms can be unbelievable - its hard to imagine how something that it so good for you, can make you feel so ill! I remember feeling like that on day 4 and saying to myself 'if giving up smoking feels like this, I'd rather go back to it'!

I told myself there was no gain without pain; the symptoms were just confirming to me that the poison was leaving my body and therefore my body was just having to re-adjust itself after years of tolerating the poison!

Keep focussing on how good you will feel once all that nasty stuff has gone - the high you are going to experience is well worth the low!

Stay strong and keep posting - you will be amazed how much this forum keeps your mind off how bad you are feeling!

sourlink i know exactly how you feel. I don't usually post. I'm on my 4th day as well. I just wanted you to know your not alone and please try and keep things positive. Alot easier said than done sometimes!!

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

At the risk of sounding harsh, you need to not think that way, don't even contemplate it slipping through your fingers. Grasp your quit and don't let it go.

The early part of your quit is going to be tricky, more so for some than others! But you can stay strong, and it will pass. I promise.

The downs can be horrible but the longer you go the easier it will become and you need never repeat them ever again if you just hang in there!!

You can do it, you are doing it!


Awwww bless you hun, you are doing so well please dont give in to the nicotine now.

The first week is the tricky week but i guarantee that if you get through today you are going to feel so much better for it tomorrow.

I remember feeling like you are, i missed the habit terribly and still have the odd occassion when i do now but no where near as bad as the first week.

You can do it hun and you will do it. Just keep posting, it will pass and you will be stronger for it hun i promise :)



and now it is feeling as though i have deprived myself of the only friend thats there for me a smoke, its just the way im feeling today but i know if i have another day like this 1 i wont be a x-smoker anymore. i need help.

You need to realise that it's thoughts like 'I've deprived myself of something' are the kind of thoughts that will make you fail, and that will feel a whole lot worse. What will make you feel infinitely better is having the mental resolve to knuckle down, grit those teeth and tell yourself 'I can beat this!' And you know you can! There are going to times like these when you feel atrocious, anyone would be a fool to think otherwise. But take a moment to have a few deep breaths and realise what this feeling atrocious is all about in the end.

Just a quick question regarding your manager and work colleagues. Have you informed them you're in the process of quitting? If not then do it! If they know what you're doing, then they should understand why you're having a rough day, or why you're a bit stressed and irritable. Maybe then they can cut you some slack, and maybe some of them have been through it before and can sympathise with you.

Stay strong, sourlink! YOU CAN DO IT!

im really greatfull for your responces, everybody is right, i am wrong to think that i am depriving myself, i just had a really bad day, iv cheered up a bit now thanks to that comment of my boss naked on the toilet. im looking forward to the future and will take on these bad days to get were i want to be. thank you all for your support x

keep going sourlink positive thinking is everything, not had the same feelings through quitting yet!!!!!! but definately had them through my job and my sports. If i get low I get angry with myself, basically i kick my own backside, I tell myself to suck it up, it doesnt work for everyone but for me it does.

keep strong

im so slow at typing you had replied to your thread before i posted lol, pleased your feeling better.

Hi Sourlink,

You gave me support yesterday when I really needed it and got through it with yours and everyone elses encouragement. Stick with it mate, I promise you will feel much better when it passes just don't give in!

Just spend the night mooching on here and have a good read, it helped me no end.

Good luck mate :D


Your a couple of says in front of me but i know from the last time i quit that sometimes the psyhological withdrawal will make you feel a bit down sometimes, just like you in your first post in this thread.

And the comment you made about all the reasons you quit smoking slipping through your fingers is a good thing! it's just the last remnants of the chemical addiction hanging on for dear life trying to get you to lapse so it can regenerate itself and get your hooked again!

Show it your stronger, show it the finger if you have to, but whatever you do don't lapse because at some point you will want to quit and you have to those precious first days of hell all over again..

I wish you the very best of luck and hope your still hanging in there :)

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