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Hi im new here, and im doing well xx


its is day 14 and rather happy that i have made it this far. I am a mother of 3 and want to stay of the cigs for myself and them.

so far the only side affects are feeling sick and not sleeping very well.

those are just a small price to pay though, what do you think.

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I think you're doing a superb job :D

Welcome to the site Amanda x x

2 Weeks smoke free!!! you have 3 very lucky children there ;)

Stay strong and keep smiling

~Buffy x x

Thank you Buffy.

I didnt realise how lucky i was, My husband is still smoking though and it STINKS.

I only started smoking when i lost my best friend to liver cancer, the most stupidest thing i ever did. Then i split up with my first husband and carried on smoking. It has taken me 10 years to finally wake up and say to myself.

What the hell are you doing woman, I woke up on Oct 1st lit a ciggie and felt ill, never again. the money i have saved will buy me a little car.

I have just passed my theory test after 17 years of no confidence, well the 1st of October was the beginning of the rest of my life.

Hi Amanda

Great job so far!!!! What method are you using? Two weeks is ace!!smileyonline.free.fr/images...

Hi Karen, Nice to chat with you... I have been taking Champix which i think is the best thing since god knows

Aw x x

Good for you!! Good luck with the driving test!

many people make 'life changing' decisions during their quits! it's like a real turning point.

Hope you are proud of the all new shiny Amanda ;) hehehehe

~Buffy x x

As you can see I too am on champix and reckon it ace. Haven't had any nausea so far though I do make sure I eat b4 I take it(and wash it down with a large glass of water.)

Karen x

sorry to leave you all, but i have to go home. Im not on the Internet you see but soon will be. Take care xxxxxxxx

Welcome and congrats! You are doing super. This site is a great place to come when we quit smoking. People here are so helpful! See you soon :D

Good afternoon nosmoke "my hubbys a tv star "4me!!!! He He He. Bet you were well chuffed girl!!! Thanks for the graphic posting advice. I'm still trying but I shall win through in the end --just like this horible addiction. Well it can't be a\s

hard as giving up the cigs can it?!

Karen xsmilies.sofrayt.com/%5E/_95...

NOOOOO!! Not even close lol! Oh I like that name you gave me! "My hubby's a tv star 4 me" :D Have a great day! I am off to the airport at 12:30am to get hubby ;) Ohhh I will see the tv star in real life! :D

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