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Hello everyone im new...

Hello everyone just thought I would post as I have been reading so many posts of the last few days.

I have not smoked for 9 days and 9 hours. I am using the patches however I did start off using the patches and the gum but have stopped the gum now!!

I just wanted to say thanks this forum has really helped me keep going.


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Well done for going 9 days without a smoke. You will find that this forum is a big help in keeping you focused and on track for a smoke free life. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.:)


Welcome Penguin and well done on your quit. 9 days is brilliant and you have given up with the gum also. Way to go. I have done it the other way round. No patches just lozenges lol.

Wishing you well, keep on going.

Gaynor x


Your doing GREAT!

Yes you will find so much help and advice here! I hope you feel welcomed!

When I came here I felt comfortable and of course I have continued.

I am on Day 135. I feel so much better about myself and life in general!

Keep on going! You can do it! :D


Aw thanks for the support!! Sorry if this has been mentioned before what im finding the hardest at the moment is feeling sick in the evening.

I did smoke more through out the night and straight after I had my dinner now once I have eaten the sicky feeling is there for around 3 hours. Im not eating that much more lol.

I just wonder if any one else feels this way.



Nooo I did not go thru that...I actually had little withdrawl problems...

Mind you I did 2 packs a day..and when I placed the patch on, I used

1 patch and a 1/2 .. Why? Well the American Cancer Society said if I

smoke 2 packs, I need to have 32-64mg of nicotine! Well 1 patch only

gave me 21mg! So I did this for about a week, then at nite I did not wear

a patch..I jumped in my sleep! Then I said if I need it, I will put on a patch.

After 11 days that was it! I used lozenges. A 1/2 tablet under the tongue.

Only when I had a nothing nada!!!! The thought now

may run 5 seconds and gone... Try an lozenge if it gets bad. :o


I did wonder if the I was mistaking the sickness for a craving when it comes on my head does try telling me that a cig would help but I keep telling it won't!!

Touch wood for the time being this is my only side effect at the moment that really is bugging me.

Congratulations for coming off your patches thats great and now using nothing is just brilliant. I hope you are really proud of yourself:D

I think people using this forum are so inspiring.


Hi Penguin,

Welcome and well done.

I think you hit the nail on the head and your cravings are manifesting as feelings of sickness. At least i'm certain that your addiction is doing everything it can to persuade you that life without fags is awful. But you and me and everyone here knows thats all lies. Lies lies and more damned lies. Keep at it penguin (great name). I think I read somewhere that sipping water helps. Lots of water. All day long. Dont do what I did and substitute water for coffee. Eeeh gads! I was a jibbering wreck and have had to switch to de-caff. But thats another story.


Hi Penguin, and let me add my voice to the general welcome.

In the first couple of weeks you can expect all sorts of random symptoms to manifest themselves - nobody gets all of them, but everybody gets at least some of them - insomnia, fatigue, nausea, headaches, sore gums, coughs, zits, you name it. I've even seen excessive flatulence mentioned on here :D

But things do even themselves out after a while, you just have to keep going.

I tend to agree that it's pretty hard to distinguish physical and psychological symptoms at this stage. The sick feeling may well just be down to the craving. But it might also be that the patches you're using are too strong? A possibility worth considering. I'm no expert on patches though :)

Well done on making the best decision, like, everrrrr. Keep on keeping on, the road gets easier the further you travel!



I might try and reduce the mg on my patches its worth a try I think I'm ready to go down in strength!

It sounds so silly I'm so excited about not smoking anymore and just to take each day at a time!

Many thanks for all your welcomes

Lucy xx :cool:


Hiya Lucy,

It's not silly to feel excited about your quit, it's good :D Drop down on your patch strength when you feel ready and I am sure you will be fine.

Have a lovely smoke free weekend.



Be excited. Excited is positive. A positive quit is a wining quit.

The sickness may be just nervous excitment. Do what the body and mind tells you, as long as it dos'nt say smoke


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