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Hello Im on day one and new here


I have just started day one of champix today after having to virtually beg my practice to prescribe it for me. They let me have it with a stern warning that i wouldnt ever be allowed it again and this was my only chance.I was already scared of failing but this has made me ten times worse now as i feel its my only chance and if i blow it i will be smoking forever. Took my first tablet today, so far feel very sick and have a horrible taste in my mouth( maybe this is how it works , you feel to ill to smoke!!!!) Also feel like im about to loose my help in life I.E the fags, keep thinking everytime i have one this morning.. Ohh theres a gap to fill, so far there is a lot of gaps which im not quite sure how to deal with. Ahh well day 2 tomorrow of my new smoke free life ( i know im still smoking but i see it as the start if the ending if you see what i mean!)



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Hello Emma and I so glad you have decided to join us. You are making the best decision ever.

We all feel that we are losing our best friend when we quit smoking, but it doesn't feel like that for very long. We all get over it and learn how to deal with our emotions good and bad without the ciggie crutch. When people smoke they turn to the ciggarettes to share EVERY emotion and that really isn't good. We forget how to deal with situations and we have to re-train ourselves how to deal with issues without turning to a cigarette.

We trained our bodies to depend on the ciggies and it took quite awhile for our body to learn what to do with all of the nasty extra chemicals. Now we have to teach our bodies to go back to normal (the way it should be) and this takes quite awhile too, but our body will learn it!!

I quit cold turkey so I am not positive about Champix, but a few of my family members are taking it and they have found that eating about 1 hour before they take the pill helps with the nausea.

You can do this!!! We are all here for you. Keep posting :)

WELCOME EMMA You have come to the right place!

I'm surprised at the attitude of your surgery, I don't have any problem with mine. I go every two weeks for a new prescription, and they are really supportive.

Anyways, I'm on day 26 of taking Champix now, and if you look back at some of my posts, you will see that I felt really unwell for the first couple of weeks, too rough to do anything much let alone smoke! I was seriously thinking of stopping them as the thought of 12 weeks of feeling like that depressed me, but the thought of smoking again depressed me even more! On looking through this forum, I found lots of tips to help with the sickness and lots of support and advice. As Michelle pointed out to me - 12 weeks of hell will be worth it to be free of the evil nicotine. - She was definately right, crappy as I felt, it was so nice not to have my life ruled by them, no more desparate ciggy breaks, no more standing outside in the cold just for puff when at a pub/restaurant, not to mention the money saved and the benefit to my health. - The gains far outway the losses!!

My sister who is a nurse suggested that the 1mg dose twice daily must be too much for me as I am quite small (something to do with body weight) and try half a tablet twice daily instead. I have been doing that for over a week now and I feel so much better - may be worth a try!!

Good luck

Hi Emma and Welcome,


You have made a great decision to quit and you should be very proud of yourself.

I am on day 62 of champix and it is good but you still need some willpower as much of quitting is breaking the habit more than the withdrawal symptons.

I am sure you will be able to do it Emma and with the help and support of the forum you will be fine, don't be scared to quit be excited coz it is a new start

Make sure you eat before taking your tablet,

Good luck and keep posting,

Love befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for all your replys and support. Its really nice to know im not on my own and everything im feeling is normal.

Had my tablet this morning with some toast which i had to force down as im usually 10 fags and coffee person. So far so good, havnt felt sick at all athough do feel a little spaced out. I am a bit panicked over the thought of giving up my first few cigarettes of the day now, since yesterday i have really been monitering how i feel with each cigarette, a lot of them it really is only a habit, i could just not smoke at that time but the first thing in the morning is a problem.Has anyone used one of those nicorette inhalators along with champix? Im just wondering if perhaps even having it on the hip as a crutch will help rather than reaching for the packet. I know champix is supposed to block the nicotine receptors in the brain but i think maybe even just carrying it around will help and not leave me terrified on the 9th that on the morning of the 10th i dont smoke anymore!!!

Reading this back its just mad.. Im a capable educated woman and am scared of not setting fire and inhaling something!! Smoking really is a mad habit!!

Hello Emma,

Glad you are here. Mornings are the worst time for me. It's when the fear sets in. I'm not sure about the science of mixing the drugs, but I would think that using an inhaler will not help in the long run. Once you have gone one early morning without a cigarette you will have already made a break from a long standing habit, thereby weakening it's hold on you. I would imagine that replacing the habit with a crutch will not help you, especially if you simply exchange one method of delivering nicotine with another.

However, occupying yourself with something is a good way to beat off a crave or terror. Sudoku, making an extravagant sandwich, or whatever you like... and always remember that the fear of going without fags is not the same as actually going without fags. I find the fear is much, much worse.

Really rooting for you here.

well amazingly day 5 of champix and have only had 2 cigs today since 6 am. Its been a struggle but im making it so far!! Question for the champix users did you feel any different when you upped the dosage to 1MG twice a day .. im on the 0.5 twice a day ATM and wondering whether to just go for it tomorrow and finish smoking completely or follow the advice and wait for days 8-10 to quit completely??

If everybodys ok with it im going to stay on the day 1 of the forum until i actually quit for good then follow onto day 2 and beyond hopefully!!

Hi Emma152,

I'm new too. A i really wish you all the best:)

Hi Emma,

I was on champix for 10 days before I gave up and when I did I smoked on that day and had to start again on day 11. I also found that I smoked more and more when I was taking champix but others say like you that they cut down before quitting. We are all different and I was still smoking about 30 a day when I quit. If you feel ready to quit then do it and see how you go.

Well done for cutting down so much,

Good luck,

Love Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi emma

I took champix for 8 dys and quit the next. I am now on day 13.It is greatI can assure you. yes,a couple of days b4 i was to lay the cigs down I got a wee bit panicky and ended up smoking twice as much as I would normally BUT on my quit day I suprised myself by how easy it felt- it was like I didin't really want one at all. I fully expected to wake up quit day gasping 4 a cig but NO I didn't even fancy one- even after a HUMONGOUS brekkie! I was totally gobsmacked. If I am honest I would Say I didn't expect it to work cos I tried so many times over the years (I smoked for 25yrs) using hypnotherapy,ppatches,herbal stuff and zyban but NOTHING made me want to quit or even feel good about abstaining from cigs.Champix is so different though. If \I can do it after 25yrs so can u emma!

ps. My daughter is called Emma - so you have head start!!!


Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement. I decided yesterday that ... that was that i had done a few hours and i should do a few more. This way i kept on till bedtime. It was hell and this morning isnt much better i have to go hour by hour and its only the face that i will have to do this all over again if i cave in that is making me keep going. I would sell my dog lol ( and im rather fond of him!) for a cigarette but then i would be bcak here again next week and this way i also have the dosage increase of my champix to 1mg twice a day to look forward too on weds. Hoping that this co-inciding with my 3rd day of not smoking will make life more comfortable for me.

I have been very tearful as well, wondering if thats the champix or lack of fags thats doing it?

Ooo in one hour and 15 minutes it will be 24 hours... 1 whole day since i last smoked!!!!!

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