No Smoking Day
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here goes!!!!!

today is my first day of going smoke free..

i am on my 10th day of taking champix and decided that a saturday would be a good day to stop.

i have been up for an hour now and have normally had at least one cigarette and im now feeling a bit odd and not sure what to do with my self.

well, determination is the key, i think every time i need one i'll just spout a load of rubbish on here so prepare yourselves for a long day.

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Spout away kiddo you will find this site a great help in the days to come, read everything you can on here we know just how your feeling and you will feel great in just a couple of days.


Hey Werzal:D

Well done on day one. What i do is come on here when i should be having a fag or if im just struggling. You will fine so much inspiration and motivation on here.

I wont lie and says it easy as I find it a struggle but it does get better day by day. I am now on day 9 and it feels like ive only just done day 1. I cant believe how quickly i have got to day 9 and so far ive not killed anyone.

Keeps yourself busy and motivated by coming on here through out the day for your quick fix of motivation from everyone.

Well done and you soon will be on day 9 before you know it.




i'll be on here all day if i come on here everytime i need 1.. think the dog will be knackered by the endof the day..

so far not too bad, i got up a few times and reached for the pocket i used to keep my fags in only to find that the pocket is empty, then i remember..

need to eat but dont want to cos i normally follow food with a fag!!! suppose im gonna have to do it soon though!!


Eating is most important, get some chewy sweets and dont worry about putting a bit of weight on. Once you feel the benefits of not smoking you will be running up hills just because you can


Spout away we are all here to help you on your very special day.



im now 5 hours in and not feeling too bad, very hungry all the time, keep getting cravings but a nice cuppa tea seams to sort that one out..


O.k now I'm struggling, i've managed to go 9 hours and am really starting to want a fag now!!! But at the same time I don't want one cos I've done well to go this far I don't want to start again!!!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Hi Werzal

Sorry you're really struggling at the moment just hang in there

Drink some water sounds dafyt OK I'll grant you that but it works Promise

Or promise yourself you'll wait 10 minutes before having one then when you get there extend it by an extra 5 mins and so on that also works


Marg xx


Thanks marg, the water worked a treat. Just gonna have to do that every time I get the need I think...


well, its now pas 10:00pm and ive not had a fag all day, and i was up at 7:15am..

think thats not too bad, lets see what tomorrow has in store for me!!!


is it normal to feel wide awake at the end of day 1???

i thought i would be shattered but im not!!


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