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Still going strong


Hi all, Came on here in the first few days and everyone was so great and I have spread the word to people to follow suit. Still not smoking. 5 weeks on Thursday. Cannot believe I have done it and don't think I will every smoke again. Allen Carr is right - something has to click in you brain and it has to be the right time for you. Didn't think it had clicked :Din mine but Champix has really helped so much - as well as fab people on this forum. Thanks, Janet

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Oh that's fab!!

Huge well done to you and it's great you're spreading the word as well :D :D

That's brilliant Janet!! I agree with the whole clicking thing too, and glad it has finally clicked for so many of us round here :)

Hi Janet and well done!!!:)

I wholeheartedly agree with your comments, it has to "click" and Champix has helped me enormously!!!:)

Well done Janet and you sound so positive :) keep enjoying the journey :D

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