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19 months and still going STRONG!!!!!!

Woohoo it's been sooo long sicne I have logged in but I was 19 months on 4th October and going strong (and Fatter!).. It's been very tough at times but the last six months has been so much better than that first year. I wonder how Margareth, Fiona, Moog and Nic are doing---I'll have a hunt around and find them........Just clocking back onto this wonderful sight and now I'm going to browse to see if everyone including the mad march bunch are still going. xx

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Dee Dee did the Deed and what a superb quit you have, Its amazing when people come back and show us that it can be done and that 18 months is a milestone we can all achieve with the help of this site.

Marg, Fiona and Nic are still about but Moog Im not sure about, hope you have a great lifetime quit and come back regular and keep us posted.


Hi Dee Dee, nice to hear from you and glad you are still doing well.



Aw Dee dee

Lovely to hear your still going strong Babes. Soooooooooooo pleased for you life is good with out smoking init. xxxxx


Well done dee dee. It's great when people come back and celebrate these milestones. It shows us there is life at the end of the tunnel.

Well done to you xx:)


Awesome! Fab to see you again dee dee! Have wondered how you were and if you were still quit! I am 20 months still off them and loving every min of being a no smoker. So pleased to see you, glad you are well but don't be a stranger! Love fi x x x


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