Day 2 - still going strong!

I am so proud of myself (and of course all the other quitters on here!) for making it to day 2! I have had a suprisingly good day and I think because I have been so busy it has helped. Did get a huge craving on my way home but resisted and breathed through it. Once home I have to be careful to try and do the usual routine things I do in a different order or just not think too much as this tends to set off my cravings.

Think a few more cravings might come tonight now I am at home. Gotta keep busy!

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  • Samo, well Done your doing great. You sound really positive which is a good thing.

    Positive mental attitude and you have got it. :D

  • It is wierd - I'm kind of suprised at my positivity!

  • keep at it samo :D doing great !

  • Well Done Samo,

    It's nice to know I'm not alone in this, Keep up the good work, pats Samo on the back for a job well done hehehe.


  • It is wierd - I'm kind of suprised at my positivity!

    Its a good feeling isnt it. You keep that PMA and you will achieve this. xx

  • I'm an hour off the end of day 2 and still feeling ok. I've been a bit 'tetchy' (apparently!) for a while earlier but it soon passed. My children are very pleased and keep telling me so - so that's motivation enough for me. I've developed a passion during the course of today for sugar free polos! I've also noticed today how other smokers smell. :(

  • Well done Lambchop.

    I noticed too yesterday how much my smoky friend stank!! :eek:

    One of the biggest motivations for me, which OK should be my health etc etc is that as a smoker I was always so paranoid of my friends who don't smoke getting close enough to smell that awful smell on me. I went through countless bottles of expensive perfume, I haven't even put any on today and can still smell my bodyspray I put on this morning!

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