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No Smoking Day
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Day 8 and still going strong!!

Hi everyone. Well it's my eighth day today and I'm starting to feel a lot better. The best news is that my wife turned to me at the weekend and said "i think I'm gonna stop too" and she has. - She said I inspired her. I think it's day 4 for her now and she is doing brilliantly!

My sleep patterns are definitely affected, but I don't seem to wake with the same foggy head that I used to, so i can out up with weird sleeps for a while. My wife says she can really see the difference in my skin and i even managed to go running today.

Good luck everyone. It's really inspring to read other people's stories.

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Well done Edders & good for your wife as well :D It would be nice if my hubby stopped but it has to be his choice. Maybe when he sees that I can do it (longer than 3 months that is) he will give it ago.

Good luck to both of you. I am sure you will be fine ;)

Gaynor x


well done to you both you'll be able to support each other as well now


Hi edders

brilliant day 8 going good ....& well done to ure wife too. Must be such a good buzz for you that uve encourage ure wife to do it too xx

Congratulations both of you ..keep posting x


I agree must be great for you that your wife wants to do it with you, and 8 days is fabbers and you will see if you can do it for 8 days then you can do it for 9 and so on and befor you know it like us you will weigh 10 stone more LOL

No only joking its a great achievment and congrats to you both xx


Well done to you and your wife. My husband stopped 2 weeks ago which is good. Our house is now officially smoke free.


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