No Smoking Day
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I am still here

It is 2 weeks tonight. I haven't posted for a while because I didn't really need to and I didn't want to be reminded of smoking by writing and reading about it... but I am very proud to say that I haven't touched a cigarette for two whole weeks , and in that time i have faced some of my classic "weak times" - going out, alcohol, a massive event i was organising at work, arguments, stress etc.

It feels great. I like myself for doing this. I stopped the Champix on Day 7 because it was not agreeing with me. I found myself getting very emotional and aggressive after just a couple of glasses of wine as well as feeling a bit paranoid. I have never taken any anti-depressants or even a sleeping tablet before so I got freaked out by what might be happening in my brain.

I still want a smoke. I really want one now. In the evening with wine... I don't miss the daytime ones at all but I just have to get through the few minutes of craving in the evenings.

I do think that the first ten days it really changed my personality as I dealt with my decision physically and psychologically. Ask my other half! I feel myself again now though.

So happy with this decision. Thank you so much for helping in the first few days and , just knowing I can reach out to you if I need to makes a big difference..

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Hi Michele :)

You're doing fab, well done :D

Sorry you're having a reaction to the Champix though


Well done Michele :)

Sorry to hear about your adverse reaction to Champix, like Kat says it's good that you recognised the problem! I am also on Champix but the only real problem I currently have (although not every day) is nausea. I am trying to persevere but it is difficult - may have to rethink the dosage. It's great that you are persevering without :D

Take care and never look back :D


Hey Michele, great to hear from you and glad you're still on the road to freedom, well done to you :D


Well done. I am on day nine today and I am not thinking about smoking as much as in the first week. I can't wait for it to fade away....

I tried Zyban last year and it had the same reaction as you are describing with Champix. Maybe it just doesn't gel with some people's brain chemistry.

Anyway, keep on going. Well done.


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