Why am i here

Here we are doing something for most of us that's the hardest thing we have had to do in our life or to us it seems to be the case.When we tell one of our non smoking friends or a friend that has quit for a while that we have stopped smoking their reply does not seem to be enough,we want more than just well done. You sit there thinking to yourself does he/she have any idea what I'm going through now? Do they have any clue how proud of myself I am by getting this far? Of course they don't understand because a quit is a personal thing and the aches and pains we feel in losing something thats been our comfort for many years is again our own personal grief. We have lost a loved one,try telling that to a non smoker and they would think we were nuts but by being in a forum like this we are among friends who understand what we are going through.

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  • That makes a lot of sense to me x x x x

    This forum is a god send and I can't get any closer to anyone in my situation than I can here, even still, there are differences in methods and ideals!

    :rolleyes: guess we really are like a bunch of mates!

    when i go out mith my old mates, we always end up in a debate!

    No Phil! not a Mass one :rolleyes:

    We been near 20 strong since we were 13 so nearly 5 years now :D ( *ahem* OK! 21 then)

    I did also reflect on this today, my bf has been a bit of a twatt.

    He knows it lol

    but I am expecting this 'big up',

    I get from yous from him!

    and thats not totaly fair on him is it.

  • Not sure why i am here. I surpose its because i want to stop smoking forever and chatting to people that actually know what quitting smoking feels likes helps.

    I remember about 8 years ago when i first got the internet I laughed at people that would chat on forums. I thought they were all weirdos.:o

    Then i found a forum and got to know the people on their and they became my cyber friends. I have known these people for over 3 years now and we even had a meet up last year. I got close to these people because we all have kids and a few of us have special need children so we could chat and understand what we were going through.

    In september I found this forum. I now see this as my second forum home and am slowly getting to know you all too. You understand the struggle I am having fighting my nicotine addiction. Sounds soppy but i see you all as my cyber freinds too. Forums can be very intence places to be. This is the first place i come when i am struggling with my quit. xxx

  • Yes x x x x

    All those cliches :rolleyes: bullies,bullied, no life, no friends, fat in bed can't get out etc etc (whatever that gezza said about me the other day) yawn yawn lol

    Ah whatever! it is important to me because I am "among friends who understand what I am going through. "

    Then there is more than just quitting, so my personality comes out, then i am among mates and my sense of humour comes out!

    Aint nothing for Jeremy kyle to see here 'move on' lol

    ah maybe i put my heart on my sleeve but i find my life far more worthwhile for that ;)

  • I got completely confused then LOL i didnt see them posts I think they were deleted before i got to them.

    Its not clique or bullying and I am not fat and in bed and i am far too boring for jeremy kylie.

    I just need people that understand all this stress I am going through.

  • I love this forum + I love everybody on here and i am eternally grateful to the support i have recieved.

    If it wasn't for this forum i am sure i would have started smoking again but this time whenever i have a moment of weakness i come on here + everyone is so encourageing that my motivation takes over!!!!

    and nobody, nobody understands except for on here. when i first quit everyone was like yay but now the novelty has worn off for people!!!!!

    it is day 16 for me today which i can't believe!!!! :D

  • and i understand flippy, i really do hun :) x x

  • Touche Jane x x :D

    That in conclusion is why we are here!!


    And I for one am very very happy to be here x x x x

  • deadon.files.wordpress.com/...

    Oh yeah thats the other reason hubba hubba lmao

  • You cant see me because i am squashed in the middle;)

  • squashed????

    Surely you mean 'melted!' :D rofl

  • I am deciding were to start first. Ip Bip ....:D

  • :D lol hmmmmmmmmmmm just jump in!

  • I am sure there is a few rugby balls amoung that lot.:eek:;)

  • I'll go in and see if i can find it ;) Ok?

  • I know exactly how you feel mate. I never feel anyone i tell about my quit actually realises what im going through and i know my partner doesnt cause everytime i try to tell him how i feel he goes in the garden for a fag :eek::mad:

    And then stands oblivious as to why i snap at him :D

  • I'll go in and see if i can find it ;) Ok?

    You do that hun, me and Phil will stand over there *points to the corner* and discuss something that asserts our masculinity therefore negating any relation to that picture ;)

  • You do that hun, me and Phil will stand over there *points to the corner* and discuss something that asserts our masculinity therefore negating any relation to that picture ;)

    Lmao :D

    Like how many lagers you drank last saturday and whos going to win the cup?! :rolleyes:

  • nah, it's obvious i drank waaaay more, my age range alone means i fit comfortably into the "binge bracket" :D

    woopwoop! and as for the cup i dont follow sports :P thats probably a bad thing isn't it? ummm i have a motorbike though :) so we can talk about engines and carburetors and flux capacitor thingies :P

  • Pah government standards! a night cap is a binge by there accounts :D

    ERm yup bike things will do :D

    Ok I am going in!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • haha awww bless her! ^_^

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