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No Smoking Day
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I am still here but not doing well

Hello lovely people,

I fell off the wagon again and am wondering where to go from here.

I smoked all weekend and then put a patch on this morning, something is obviously just not right or I would not keep giving in like this.

I am feeling very frustrated but not totally angry like I was last time because that made me feel really down and depressed.

I am under a lot of work and personal pressure atm but dont want to wait any longer but dont want to keep caving / failing or whatever you want to call it

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you for reading,

Mel xx

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Hi Mel

Sorry to hear this! I had many failed attempts before this one. I tried everything...patches, gum, Champix etc etc. I didn't manage to get past 3 months! This time I tried an e cig and can honestly say it was the best thing I could have done. I also had the right frame of mind this quit which helps a lot!!! The e cig doesn't appeal to everyone, but when you are a serial quitter like I was then it certainly can't hurt! I used the e cig for about 5 months of my quit and it wasn't that hard to give it up. I still have it here in case of emergencies... But I hope to never need it again.

My advice would be to think about what methods you haven't tried yet and give them a go. But... It might be worth rethinking about your reasons for quitting if you haven't already. Reading some of the books might help too.

Good luck!! We are all here to help.



Oh dear Melby, not easy this quitting malarkey. I think a few of us are struggling at the mo, I love to read posts from longer term quitters there advice and knowledge is a fantastic aid to help keeping quit.

Karrie says just do it, I love that! and it's helped me today!

It's so terrible when we have these stresses to deal with on a day to day basis,

And willing you on, dont worry whats done is done can't change that, but just maybe you can start again, now that would be great wouldn't it?:):)

Positive vibes sending your way my lovely:):)


Thank you everyone.

I cant take Champix because of a history of depression and have tried gum and that did not work at all - I did not get past a day!

I dont know why but I am dubious about the e-cig - if this quit does not stick I will jolly well buy 3 of them!!

I am going to order some literature off Amazon tonight and see if anything there helps me.

For now I am back on the patches.



Wishing you all the best Melby, there are some great books out there that can help, and if all else fails the ecig is there as an option, take care xx


Melby I was the same...kept quitting coming on here failing starting again stopping.....I was making myself dizzy:)

It will click.....you,ll realise you have to find. Coping mechanism...

Patches work well...and an e cig for back up.

You just havnt found what works for you yet.....but you will:)

If a serial quitter and lifelong smoker like me can quit...anyone can.

Keep trying.......and don't give in so easily.....that was my downfall:) x



First off, loads of virtual hugs and positive vibes from me. :)

You're still here and posting, which speaks volumes for your determination and grit.

Seems to me that as Debs and TG have said, you've got all the bases covered during the week, but it all goes pear-shaped at weekends. So you need to develop a weekend strategy that's going to give you what you need to get through. Perhaps it would help to break the weekend down into small sections and plan tasks/activities to fill the sections with a small treat at the end of each time period? I think the risky part of weekends is that feeling of having time on your hands and no set routine. It's a cliche, but keeping your hands (and mind) busy really is the key to it.

Anyway, gird up your loins :D and put your back to it again because you WILL succeed. I shall be cheering you on anyway. :)


My new quit buddy is rescue remedy pastilles......

Probably all in my mind but they last ages in your mouth and are supposed to soothe anxiety.......giving them a go as Iv used the drops ans spray before:)


Melby, I was like you and this final time I tried the inhalator. It was the best thing I ever did. If I went out at the weekends I used it instead, my hubby was still a smoker then and I went and sat in the garden using it with him. Try it it may help and as Buttercup said use your quit nurse, that's what they are for. Good luck xx


Thanks everyone for the advice.

I am going to order an e-cig as a back up plan



Good plan Mel, all the best with it, you'll get there chuck :) xxx


Thanks everyone for the advice.

I am going to order an e-cig as a back up plan


I think that's a good idea if you are struggling!

Good luck Mel!!



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