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No Smoking Day
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How am I even still alive?

I've had a grand total of about 6 hours sleep in the last 3 days. Anyone got any idea when the insomnia passes? The worst part about it is not being really really really tired but being ridiculously bored when everyone else is asleep and there's only rubbish on the TV and my eyes are too tired to read. I'm not really craving cigarettes but this boredom makes me want to smoke, good job I don't have any otherwise I would have probably smoked this morning because I felt that I was at the end of my tether.

I best sleep tonight. I'm forcing myself to stay awake until at least 10pm so I can try and reestablish a normal sleeping pattern.

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I can sympathise but there doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule. I suffered for about a week I think but I didn't keep a note so not sure.

I remember it being very frustrating and yeah very boring.

I did the same as you, just kept trying to keep to a normal sleep pattern but I eventually lost most of a weekend to sleep which was a relief but annoying.

Hope you come through this phase soon.


How am I still alive

hello Kirstie as others have said there doesn't seem to be any specific time when this horrible phase of your quit passes. If it's any consolation to you I went through the same experience when quitting drinking and when I sought medical advice my quack floored me with his words " don't worry Michael nobody he knew died of lack of sleep except at the hands of the Gestapo "

Our bodies are amazingly resilient and can take some punishment so try not to worry too much about the insomnia. Should it get to the stage that your general health is suffering get along to your doctor explain your situation and I'm sure he'll give you some sleepers especially when he learns that your in the process of quitting smoking.

Take it easy and all the best with quit

Michael a.k.a:-lefoy123 in Glsgow


Poor Kirstie- it ain't nice is it? :(

I can only really repeat what has already been said- it's a very common quitting side effect and it does pass. My sleep pattern went kaput for a few weeks but things were more or less back to normal by the end of the first month so hopefully it will be the same for you.

Like Deb says, Nytol is worth trying. I know Lindyloo (who is a raving insomniac) finds the herbal one works for her, whereas I find the other one (with the blue packaging) works (try the 'two a night' version- I find one of the two is enough to send me off. There is also a cheaper Boots version of Nytol called Sleepeaze).

Hope you do better tonight...:)


Just to check in I am still not sleeping properly but at least last night I actually slept some. I've suffered from insomnia before, once for a couple of months and it was terrible so I get frightened that I might slipping back in to that and just have to remind myself that it is quitting smoking and that it will pass.

I have used nytol before and it really does work so I'll probably pick some up today.

Thanks for all your advice (:


How's it going with the sleeping Dee?

Not sure if it'll help, but when I was in Sweden a few weeks back, I was in a sauna most nights with a light beer, and found I slept better post sauna - woke up better too!

Perhaps a long hot (not too hot! :eek:) bath before you go to bed? You could put some of the scented oils in the bath, or some candles? Put some relaxing music on, I find Jeff Buckley is a good artist for listening to to unwind. Some amazing lyrics in there too! :P

Stick with it! ;)


When I couldn't sleep I went on hear and listened to audio books, they are free and I found I was like you I couldn't read so fell asleep listening to some rubbish books LOL librivox.org/

The first one I listened to was the enchanted barn, easy listening hope it helps, you are doing really well though.

You could buy a big bell and wake them all up :eek: only joking


It's going so much better probably thanks to the nytol! I had no problem getting to sleep it was just waking up and not being able to get back to sleep.

At some points I did feel like waking them all up out of jealousy haha.

Much much more positive and awake now.


Oh that's good. So glad the Nytol works for you. :)


DC lol ok I'm there!!! That sounded just about perfect. :)


I was going to mirror the sentiments of everyone else. When I quit cold turkey and when I quit drinking I experienced the same thing. Maybe try a sleep aid for a short bit. Hope it gets better for you soon. Nothing worse than being tired all day ugh!!! :(


DC lol ok I'm there!!! That sounded just about perfect. :)

If you build your own house, a sauna is a must have, hands down. Awesome for your skin too!

Good to see that the sleep aids are working though! :)


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