No Smoking Day
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Two weeks done!

Day 14!


Must say its dragged though, this whole month seems never ending.

I have been in a number of stressful situations, work dramas, family dramas- but I always saw smoking as another negative- it would just add more pressure. I must be in the right frame of mind.

Some of the changes I have noticed;

-I have tons on energy

-I'm happy (I was always happy- but energetically happy)

-I don't feel sick, ever! And no headaches!

-I always got hungover after just two glasses of wine, now no hangover, nothing I'm just normal the next day.

- I'm sleeping more

- I suffer from what I call an 'anxious heart'- my heart beats on average twice as often as normal- the doctors can only put it down to anxiety even thou im always feeling fine. However Im seeing a marked change in my average heart beat, and I'm not getting as many palpitations or shaking from being so stressed. It's a remarkable change.

- I seem to have much more money, and my app says I have saved just over £70 so far.

All positives. Some more beneficial than others- but I'm shocked by the change, I can't believe how different I feel.

I thought I would share, because if anyone has just begun and wants to know what it's like after two weeks, those are my experiences.

I have had a couple of bad days- my patch fell off on both of them and my cravings where tough. But I knew I wouldn't smoke, I have even had nightmares that I have smoked and been so mad at myself. Such a relief to wake up and realise I hadn't. My skin is breaking out and terrible mouth ulcers- but again these are a result of the toxins coming out of my system, and are clearing up now.

So I'm hopeful the next two weeks will bring on more positive changes. This whole experience has made me extremely driven- I feel like I can do anything.

Thanks for reading- thank you so much for being on this journey with me. I'm going to read ahead and see what I can expect in the next few weeks.

Laura xx

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Max- u are the most motivating person ever!

Thanks so much, some of your posts make me just laugh out loud!!

Thank u- haha! :-)


Thanks for that very encouraging post Laura! That's what we need to remind us of our goal.


Thank you!!! Good luck in your quit Aquarius- and kat, I might be going slightly delirious- but hey, I'm chuffed! X


YAY :cool:

You're doing really well Laura, and it's great to see you looking at all the positives you've got from stopping smoking :)

I'm not a huge drinker, but always felt wooly headed the morning after 'cos I smoked a lot when I drank - but now I can drink more and wake up bright eyed!!

Ooh, and seeing smoking as a negative is brilliant - it is - so you've certainly got your mind in the right place!!

You've got this xx


"...but I knew I wouldn't smoke...."

So simple LJ but says so much about your quit....well done you :D


Woop, go Laura!!! *waves pom poms*

You're doing a great job hun, stay positive and make sure you treat yourself with that money you've saved! :) xxx


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