No Smoking Day
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Day two newly done

Yes all right, I'm using patches and that might seem like cheating to some, but if it gets me to the same destination, then the journey isn't important, I don't think.

My mum starts her chemo this week. She is so thin, I can hardly bear it. But smoking wouldn't help me bear it. It would only make me feel guilty and fear for my own health, so I am glad to not be smoking. One day at a time, eh?

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Oops @ typo in thread title :rolleyes:


Hi Sweetheart, patches are fine anything that can help with your quit is fine.

It's not a easy time for you with your mum being poorly, one day at a time pet. lots of love to you and your mum xxxxxxxxxxxx



sending you a big big hug xxx


Thanks very much all.

I have had such a battle with myself over CT vs NRT. I am a very stubborn old git and have sort of convinced myself that I haven't really quit yet. And I see so many here who are managing it CT and am full of admiration for them.

But no, you are right. I'm not smoking, and that's what I set out to achieve, so have to concede it's working.

This week will be tough, but however tough things are for me, they are 1000 times tougher for my lovely Ma, so it kind of puts things into perspective for me.

Awwww Max, I do love a good hug :)

As for being on my best behaviour...I sure am not going to be smoking on that there train, but other than that, I'm not making any promises ;)


Newleaf,Iv tried cold turkey but it makes me a *** to live with.Im on patches too,a low dose and they seem fine.1st day today so we are quit buddies too.:D


Cheating? I think not

Hi newleaf, good on you for not giving up. Espaecially with all the hard stuff going on right now. Keep with it, you can do this!!!

Patches, cheating??? No way, I love my patches lol. Working like a charm for me. If they help you than I say go for it!!



Thanks for the support and encouragement ladies, much appreciated. xxx


At the end of the day nl you've stopped smoking and that's fantastic!!!!!

how you do it is a matter of choice and up to you so don't even have the cold Turkey nrt debate just keep goin your doin great xx



Just do what ever feels right for you to help you stay quit my love. You'll do just fine:)

Fi x


I agree with the others it doesn't matter what help you get as long as you quit smoking. Love to you and your mum Newleaf, that can't be easy for


Yes Newleaf, there is no right or wrong way, but the way that works for you, you are doing very well.


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