No Smoking Day

not week two but ive done 11 days im sad

found this site looks great and feel better that there are real people on here im on day 11 did not know where to put my self but im still feeling like im missing something i have tried to stop before but never wanted to so ended up having a sig. this time i want to stop and im not giving into it as i know that first cig is horrible and the worste taste ever . my son has got ashma well thats why i decided to stop to make sure its not my fault even though i never smoked in the house, it would be nice the next time i see the nurse to say no i dont smoke and not have her look at me with disgust. like i said i feel like ive lost something i cant be bothered to do anything ive been out with the kids but when i get home i get into self pity ive not had the munches at all because i cant be bothered to get anything so thats a good thing i suppose. im spotty and sore throat sore mouth and coughing up blobs of black i know this means my body is getting better but i feel 90 year old. well i feel a bit better now ive got it all out of my system tried talking to the guys on the nhs website but they did not have a clue what i was going on about i have no clue what im going on about well thats it :confused:

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Hi Jojo welcome to the forum,I'm day 11 too:) I'm no expert but I do know you've come to the right place and there's some great knowledgeable folks on here who'll try and help you, just keep strong you're doing so well:).


Hi jojo

Yep-difficult, feels as if you are missing a friend!! but a bloody bad mate that is. Kicking the habit is a hard one-you have done the smoking thing 10,20,30 times aday and all of a sudden you stop, so you are bound to feel lost-on the positive though you now have gained so much time due to not puffing away-and thats how you need to think positively!!!!:D

The coughs,colds flu like symptoms i'm afraid are a refection of all the crap coming out of your system-so again think positive-this is a good thing

I think you are doing just great!! and you have made the most important decsion of your life

Read peoples threads they are humourous, helpful, educational and a dam lot better and intellectual than the NHS sad excuse of a site!!!:eek:

Chin up you are officially free-and no more a slave to your addiction ;)



cheers for that i am defo in the right place:D


Look Jojo we got you smiling already :p.


you sure did :D


Hi Jojothe yoyo :)

Well done onthe decision to quit and welcome to the forum 11 days already is great and I promise it will get better for you and you will get plenty of support on here we all help each other in any way we can post as often as you want you should read anything you can find , the posts on here are a great help and you will find plenty of links in our signatures two which I find very helpful are and just click the link sorry you feel off colour and sad but a lot of us feel like that to start with Just hang in there

Good Luck



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