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Two Weeks - Wahaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Well here I am again - two weeks quit and finding it all relatively easy this time.

Had a bit of an upset yesterday. Been waiting for some furniture to arrive that I had paid for back in July (nearly 15 weeks ago) and it still hasn't been delivered. So got really up-tight with the furniture people and lost it somewhat. Got my dander up when they said they could understand my frustration in the delay. Told them I wasn't frustrated I was blooooooody angry and disgusted with the whole thing.

Anyway, now been told the 01 November so hopefully will have a settee to sit on then. Not holding my breath though. Told them I would take them to the small claims court, the furniture ombudsman and/or consumer direct. Mean it to.

Rant over - feel a lot better now.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that during all this not once did I feel like a cig nor did I want one. Before this I would have shot to the shops and bought some but not now. I feel so proud of myself knowing that I can get through all the stress of the above and not succumb to a cig. Woohooo!!!

I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 15 hours, 30 minutes and 56 seconds (14 days). I have saved £98.85 by not smoking 439 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 12 hours and 35 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 09/10/2008 00:00

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Well done Jan,

I'm not familiar with the furniture ombudsman, does he have a hairy butt?

Glad you didn't feel like smoking anyway.

All the best



Thanks Nic - can't say that he/she has but if I ever meet him/her I will make a mental note to check. :D:D


Well done Jan good for you girl keep up the good work.


Well done Jan, we know what happened to HM - sadly, wheres the last member of JHB?

Not seen or heard anything from her since the team was formed?


Good for you Jan! :D We're so proud of you, and next time I have a problem with a delivery, I'll threaten them with you!!!!! :eek:

Seriously, you're gonna stay quit this time, I just know it! :)


Well done Jan for reaching month 2 and for dealing with stress without a ciggie!! It's a great feeling isn't it?


Thanks everyone.

It is a loverly feeling Cat and Barb if you do have any problems with delivery I think I must know everything there is to know about dealing with them.

Stuart - I was thinking that. Where are you KB?


OMG that's what i hated when i was starting out in the house, even a coffee table took 12 weeks and it drove me mental, i mean... i want it TODAY! i might see something nicer and want it instead.... Uh-oh, bugbear alert.

Congrats on your two weeks Jan, hope you do it this time ;):)


Jan, Well done for getting to 2 weeks. I am on day 5 now, and I've thought about fags for a while, mainly coz I'm so busy lol.

Well done for getting this far, I am so proud of you :D


Well Done Jan x:)


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