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Two Thirds Done


:D:D:DWell, tonight will be 8 months clear, only four to go until I can bang very loudly on the Penthouse Door.:D:D:D

I just want to say a massive thank you to those who have supported and encouraged me through the tough times and have buoyed me and kept me laughing when it would have been so easy to slink off feeling sorry for myself.

Although the last couple of weeks have been tough, I can honestly say any thoughts of a cig now are just that, thoughts! okay, I really wanted a cig last week but it was a want, not a need or a craving - if someone would have told me six months ago that I could get that upset and still not smoke, I would have given them an award for their comedy skills :rolleyes:

So, there is really only one thing for today POM'

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Soo pleased for you , a huge well done.:):)

Pom poms all the way to the penthouse .:cool:

Hello lovely lady :)

massive congratulations on 8 months I only hope one day I can get to where you are, looking forward to your penthouse party in 4 months :) ;)

p.s I too love your pom poms me babber :D xxxxxx

A huge well done from me too Jenn :D

You're an inspiration to me and to everyone behind you on the road. I shall look forward to cheering you into the penthouse in the very near future. :)

Fabulous Jen, can't wait to welcome you to the penthouse...that last third will fly by :D

Yayy! Just brilliant Jen :D

Very well done Jen thats fantastic.

Congratulations Jenn.

What a lovely positive and inspiring post, so great to read.

8 months is a real achievement. Thank you for leading a lovely path for myself and others to follow.

Well done :D

Congratulations and well done!!:D


I am so pleased for you and can tell by your writing just how much you mean it... You have really made me think about your statement regarding ' want not need' ( going to jot that little gem down )and thanks

Really well done. I can't wait to get to where you are you must be so proud of yourself.

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