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news on week 4- part two


Hi Everyone.


Monday was fine .Tuesday, i went for BP check , the bottom number was 80 and they want it down to 75. So now i have to go on another BP tablet. More bloody tablets.Had no thoughts about smoking.

Yesterday , when i saw smoking nurse , she was so pleased with my attitude towards smoking that she suggested that this morning i wait until i felt i really needed to put a patch on, also to help get ready for next week when i go onto step 2 patch. BIG MISTAKE. I usually put one on as soon as i awake ( which isn`t till about 9 ). This morning i lasted until 11 am , then all of a sudden , whopping great craves . Those last few days of hardly a thought of smoking , ruined. I quickly put patch on and 20 mins later , all thoughts of smoking had gone. And Relax.

Now i`m abit scared about dropping to 14mg patch, but thinking about it i would rather carry on with patches for however long it takes( months etc ) than smoke.

Good luck to everyone

Barb x

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Hi Barb - I've done the patch thing this time and now on week twelve. Although I felt good I was fooled by how much the patch helped but if you follow the program - eg I did 6 weeks full strength 2 weeks 14mg and 2 weeks 7mg - it is much better - it's still the hardest thing I've ever done but so worth it - I've now been NRT free for 10 days and that has been a bit tricky but nothing like the beginning - you just have to remember how bad it was and how good it is now!!!

I've even become unofficial counsellor at work for others who want to quit - yes, it's hard, it still has it's moments, but it's the best thing I've ever done and I just hope I can maintain this positive attitude!!!!!

Bestest wishes

Loopy XX

Thanks Loopy

Well done on Twelve weeks. Your an inspiration.

Do you think its all in the mind about patches, that we can do without them, we just rely on them to much.

Congrats on becomming unofficial counsellor. You probably help alot on here not just at your work.:)

Barb x

Hi Barb - I actually think we need the patches as we ween ourselves off nicotine and let go the habit - that is not in the mind - the withdrawal is real but is slowed down by using the patches - each to their own but it's worked for me. My first patches were big round orange things but the chemist gave me different second time and I joked they were just a placebo... but no they are real and do help!!

I have found that during my withdrawal period with NRT my mental attitude has changed several times...I have now reached a state of acceptance where I acknowledge that I perhaps enjoyed 3 smokes a day but I also smoked 13 that I hated and I have now reached the stage where I can accept this and have decided that I simply will not smoke - hey don't get me wrong - I was a committed smoker but have reached a point where I can say I'd rather not smoke - tis been no easy journey and I hope I can stick with it and I hope you too find your own peace..

Ooh I've drunk too much birthday beer but it is all loopsXX

Thanks Loopy

I personally couldn`t do it without the help of patches.Smoking nurse said that if she gave me a placebo i wouldn`t know the difference and would still think that i`m getting nicotine.

Right with you on not being an easy journey, but hopefully we will all suceed.

Barb x

Hi Barb

I think you would see a difference - I have found it a bit tricky going from 7mg patch to nothing - that has been the most noticible drop down but I've come so far now nothing will change my mind (probably) - it can be done and we will do it!!!!

Love LoopyXX

i am going right off these nurses >_<

PLacebo hmmpf i'd like to shove a placebo up her arse and see if it still hurts!

Sorry :o bloody annoys me though!

80 diastolics not bad, mine was 102 :eek: if you didn't see my post before, she was sure i shouldn't have such a high bp and we persevered, she then decided to use the old method of stethoscope and tight cuff. I got it to 74 :D so no tablets for me!

She just changed my *Ahem* LAdies pill :D to one without the high bp risks.

Ask your nurse / gp to try the traditional method as ill fitting modern pump cuffs can give false readings.

Good luck

~Buffy xx

Hi Buffy

I did see other post about your BP.

I will ask them to do the other method. I`m already on Ramipril for BP which has got the top number down to 127-130. Diabetic doc wants it a bit lower.

Thinking about seeing new smoking nurse. She seems to talk alot and not listen:( . Thinks she knows it all. You all on here give me better support and encouragement.:)

Hope you get on ok with new lady pill.:)

Barb x

PS --Goodnight everyone.xx

Hi Barb

Dont listern to that nurse ask her have she ever smoked and used patches. I started week 17 yesterday and used patches for my quit like loopy said I found them a great help and done the full course. The only thing is doctor told me I was doing so well to drop down from 21 to 14 after 4 weeks big mistake had two days of hell so stayed on 14 for 6 weeks and 7 for two after the first drop never noticed anything been nico free now for a month.

Just do the full course and put them on soon has you wake make it easy for your self way make it hard this is bloody hard to quit smoking but we are doing it . Your doing great Linda xxx

Cheers barb, Hiya linda, :D

Rofl @ doctor for gods sake! doctor told me I was doing so well How on earth can anyone tell that from a 10 minute consultation!? you need to live with a quitter for at least 24hrs to have any idea!!

It makes me wonder how these docs n nurses are trained in quitting smoking!

I would do better just by knowing that it isn't easy, people need support and follow through courses! how hard is that?! lollol

~Buffy x

Thanks Linda and Buffy.

Nurse wants me to drop to 14 patch next week, that means i will only been on 21 patch for 4 weeks.I think i will take your advice and tell her i want to stay on 21 patch for 6 weeks.

Barb x

Sorry forgot to say, stuck patch on first thing and i feel great. No thinking about them.

Barb x

Cool :D glad it's coming together for you barb x x ~Buffy x x

P.S yes do tell her! it's your quit!!

Yes Barb I agree with Buffy Make it easy for your self Linda xxx

Tuesday, i went for BP check , the bottom number was 80 and they want it down to 75. So now i have to go on another BP tablet. More bloody tablets.

Barb x

I asked one of the staff at the gym to take my blood pressure a couple of days after I quit smoking and the result was 161 over 82 and he said that was okay and yet you are on tablets for high blood pressure with a bottom number lower than mine. Should I be getting a second opinion on mine?

Day 17 for me and still no cravings - I don't think they're gonna happen now. Even that constant mild angsty feeling has pretty much subsided now. Can't believe my luck.


Heya dicky was just going to say 75 is low!!

I collected my letter for the gym and the GP got my BP as 128/78 and she says it's normal.

My gym wouldn't allow me to play because my bottom number was in excess of 100 previously, anything under that they allow.

But barb mentioned diabetes so guess it's different?

If the gyms happy then your happy :D they will worry first as i experienced, my BP is OK on following it up, so no, don't worry too much Dicky, though getting it checked for assurance at the docs, is going to do no harm whatsoever!

~Buffy xx

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