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Reporting in

Well I havent got a clue how many weeks but do know its in month 2

I am still merrily trundling along taking one day at a time.

Still on step 2 of patches and will be until I see smoking clinic end of next week.

Should be ready to step down as i will have been on that step for 4 weeks i think.

Just seem to be suffering heart burn a lot again, living on indegestion tablets.

Would really love to be able to start some sort of exercise but I can't walk far as back problems are making my hips hurt when walking. ( will be telling consultant when i see him) and aslo got bad knees so really can't win.

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Well done for settling into month 2! Losing count of the weeks is a good sign I think, must mean you're not thinking about smoking. I'm on 101 days now and it only seems like yesterday that I was getting giddy about being stopped for 10 lol. Before you know it you'll be off the patches and 6 months will have whizzed by!

I suffered terrible indigestion too for a few weeks and most people don't seem to suffer for more than about 3 months so with any luck that should improve for you soon :)

What about going swimming? It's meant to be the best exercise you can do if you have joint problems.

Keep up the good work, you're doing great!


Hi WTSN,in month two is so fantastic, I am looking for ward to saying 1 month. To read that you carry on despite all the niggles giving up brings is pure inspiration to us newbie quitters so thank you.

Sorry to hear that you are suffering joint wise, but how impressed will your consultant be to hear of your quit ( or that you havent given in). Increased oxygen to your body will surely help any joint problem; swimming would also help as no pressure to your joints and backa nd is cardiovascular so will get more of that wonderful oxygen pumping round.:D:D


Me and swimming dont go hand in hand. Also nearest swimming pool is miles away.

THink cycling would kill my knees

THink slow hobble its going to have to be.


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