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Reporting in on day twelve

hi all,

Just reporting in on day 12 and all is well almost.

I must say I do feel a little tired today, and I have a very dry mouth and a cold, but what can you expect I have been a smoker for just over 40 years and then to just stop, there is bound to be little niggles.

I can't say I am really craving cigs, it comes in my head and then goes, so I can cope with that.

I hope all my fellow quitters are not having to hard of a time.

I have saved 75pound in a tin since I quit 12 days ago, and when I get to day 14 I am going to bank it.

Love Joanie x

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Well done on day 12 Joan...£75 in a tin wow...hope you treat yourself to something


It adds up Joan doesn't it!?

I worked out that 7 cigs a day (which is what I was on) would be £1002 a year. If I got that as a pay rise I'd be chuffed!

I also see we quit just about the same day. Good luck - stay strong!


Well done Joanie. Nearly two weeks under your belt, get the weekend over and it will fly by. Each day you go will make you that bit stronger so keep it up mate. David xx


Alrighty then!!!!

Good for you! Hollar at me anytime!

I have DAY 100 under my belt...

but I had to start somewhere right???

I did it just like you are now!!! :D


Well are doing great:D


Joanie! Proud of ya xxx


Thank you helen,

Ya doing great this time, doing well with this cold turkey thing.

In the three week room tomorrow.

Thank you for all your support.

Love Joan XXX


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