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Just reporting in Sir!

Hello every-one Day 10 done dusted in the bag! Cravings have been really ****ty today-trigger, stressful day at work.

But still fighting, still winning and determined to do this, I have also got a colleague to stop with me, which is great-because we can be moody cows together (she is moodier than me though lol)

I read an article today (obsessed with reading EVERY smoking article going at the moment!) and it is said you are 29% more likely to quit with a quit we must be doing ok then on here right?

Any how-I'm getting snot streaming down the back of my throat and it is doing my head in!!! so something must be getting cleansed somewhere in my body....oh and yes, saved £85 so far-GET IN!


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Hiya SweetB :)

Glad you're still doing well - some days can be a real pain and they trigger off a lot of craves :eek: but while it's hard to remember at the time smoking won't improve anything!!

It's fab you've got a quit buddy at work, it really does help to have someone else to grump with, mine really helped me (and i could blame her 'cos quitting when we did was her idea :p)

The sot is manky but it's your sinuses recovering from the smoke - not the nicest part of quitting, nor is the cough but it's a reminder of the damage smoking did :eek:

Well done!!


Nice one Sweet, double figures....getting close to the 2 week mark now...:)


Cheers Gemma, hope you are feeling well, and life is great xxx

thankyou Isolde!! ha! never thought today was a 'milestone' BUT YEH-DOUBLE FIGURES!!! never thought of that xxx


Cheers Gemma, hope you are feeling well, and life is great xxx

I'm pretty good thanks hun :)

Got to 9 months yesterday which is pretty amazing - my second longest quit ever :D



Thankyou Max, and for all your support on here...big bear hug just for you x



Way to go SweetB

getting to double figures is a great achievement and having a quit buddy is good too


but obviously

its not as good as this place



as its full of quit buddys so dont forget to keep coming on here to give us an update on your progress

onwards and upwards is the only way to go



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