No Smoking Day
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Day 12 nothing to report

As per the title, a quiet day cravings wise.

Am not expecting it to be this easy all the time. Will be lowering my patch dosage soon so that may prove difficult or then again it might not. We'll see!

Have been musing over my time as a smoker and the how's and whys of this quit. It may sound odd and contrary but I didn't really want to quit but I didn't want to carry on either. I just knew it was something I HAD to do. I think the main feeling was regretting ever starting,especially as I'd managed a 3 year quit before. Also regret all that wasted money and time.

Still, I feel free of it now and hope you're all enjoying your freedom too. :)

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I'd promised myself, kids and my man that my 40th year would be the year I quit. The other half got the norovirus in mid Jan so he stopped then. He smoked a maximum of 2 a day and did his quit cold turkey with no drama. My habit was more ingrained though. I could go hours without smoking but would chain smoke when I was free to smoke.

Finding it so helpful to have somewhere to get my thoughts and feelings down :)


Keep it up you are doing great. A neither up nor down day sounds good to me. Enjoy feeling 'normal'. :)


Good to see you still keeping that positive mindset Pisky :)

try not to dwell to much on previous quits they are in the past and you cant change whats done

just keep in mind your reasons for quitting and by taking one day at a time

stand tall and be proud you are beating this

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


Not just me that benefits

Just occurred to me that even the dog is getting something out of this!! He is a very naughty Jack Russell and would go to the back door the minute I began rolling up as I always smoked outside. He would go out when he didn't really need to and would bark and cause mayhem. Now he's out in garden 3 or 4 times a day and isn't anywhere near as pesky. :)


Hi Pisky, If your little dod could speak He would say, Well done Mum!! Thanks, and Keep up the good work!:D


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