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Long walk to the freedom of smokefree me


I am comming into my 4th month!!! SMOKE FREE!!!!!!!

I am off the NRT, "Patches" and doing good so far. I still have cravings from time to time. But resisting! I went threw all the steps 1-2-3. I think the trick is not letting yourself have one. Not even a puff as I have said in the past. If someone does mess up stay away from the smokes and keep going.

No one ever mentions that comming off the Patch at each step or the end can be hard. I would still reccomend it, you can lose the hand to mouth habbit after 21 days. Then fight off the addiction from there eaiser in my opinoin. I have been told over and over again that cold turkey is the only way. I disagree, to anyone wanting to quit do so in whatever way makes sense to you. I see that only two people have posted on the 4-5 month thread. I have seen people come and go, smoking or nonsmokers not needing the help anymore. So to us few who make it all the way, walking into the sunset of freedom from our previous vice.:cool:

Good luck

Good job

and Thank you for all the help!:)


Smoke free at last:p

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Thank you grinster x x

It's so great to hear your doing so well, as you say many wonder of at this stage and don't post in months 4-5.

Your post is so positive and truly inspiring to every one!

Thaks again and Well done

~ x X x X x ~

Very well done good for you. I do understand about the patch drop it was hard for me coming down from 21 to 14 done that after 4 weeks to early I think but going to keep the 14 on for extra 2 weeks to make up. Please keep posting it gives the rest of us help and hope. Thanks and good luck my non smoking friend. Love Linda

I am about to enter MONTH 4!

We are still around but don't post on the forum as much as we used to because we are feeling a tad stronger!

Have posted something earlier in reply to a Boudee thread but just to say again how it can still be hard at times, I still get terrible cravings but they are further apart now and I think I am learning to get over them.

Keep it up everyone:D

Hi Ruby

Lovely to hear from you so glad your doing well it gives the rest of us a great lift. well done you must be so pleased and feeling all the good benifits

Love Linda


Am now entering month 4 and still off the fags- have had a few blips bit in 4 months reckon I have had about 15 cigs of which 10 all in one day and the others I cadged off the cleaner at work.

My bad time is mornings, get to 9.30 and am ok. I am still on patches and have gum as a back up for bad cravings, but I am off fags- thats the main thing. I know I have had a few but in 4 months have smoked only half the amount I wold smoke in a day and they did not make me feel good.

For me its not easy, my work is extremely stressful and I am not a strong person, but have amazed myself at my progress so I hope there are no self righteous folks out there who are going to condemn me for cheating a bit. We are all weak but this has been my greatest achievement in life apart from fathering my kids

I hope and pray I can keep off for ever and need ur help


Hi Ron,

I have seen you posting for a while, now steaming into 4 months that is so great! More so being how long you smoked and how much you smoked. A tuff job and one hell of a quit! I see that you said you are not a strong person, I dissagree. You have had a few blips, but have not fallen into smoking again. I think you are an insiration to all of us. I think you have had a very hard quit from the beginning. You are doing so well KEEP GOING. I am off the patches, I was a bit worried about it but, it is the same withdrawl symptoms as if you were going down a step. So remeber even if the patch is gone you have done it twice already. then after the second week you will start to feel super strong!!! Kepp up the great work!! You have inspired us all !!

Thank you Ron!


Thanks for your faith in me, you have more than I have. Every day is like a tight rope- will I fall off or not- but once it gets to midday I am ok as my worst cravings were always in the morning. I cannot believe am in month 4 but will not say I am an ex smoker for quite some time yet. Nicotine has gripped me all my life and is still lurking there like the grim reaper wanting me back.

I feel 100% fitter, look 100% fitter and the well being factor is amazing, but the but is always there. I am 100s of £s better off and do not smell.

Reckon this addiction is as strong as hard drugs and people get rehab for that! I'll keep plodding on and one day- I'll know I'm through with the weed-but think that 40yrs of addicition and dependency both physical and mental will not go away just like that.

Stay strong everybody else- get in touch with Geordie trucker, my mate when we first packed in- he's struggling.


HI Ron

Really do know how you are feeling. But you are not weak no way if I had one I think that would be the end of this quit. I would never be strong and carry on that takes some real will power. Every day I wake I think done one more day and the last week or two have been a nightmare. My son is really ill he has a drink prob and the last few days gone down hill. So at the mo every hour is hard on week 8 but after 32 years of smoking up to 40 a day its all i know. also my partner has given up with is quit so makes you feel lonly . So hopfully will still be here 2moro Keep going Ron your a STAR Linda

How many on here are doing it for themselves or for others? Guess am doing it for my wife and my bro whose wife died of cancer 3 months ago- but today just felt like saying what the hell and going back on my JPS- if it was just me I would not give a sh**. Very difficult keeping motivated and would be so easy to go back. Trying to be positive but the drug is powerful. Wish I was better at this but I am not. But got through another fag free day but every time there is a trauma and this weekend will be very traumatic I think I want to say what the hell and go back to the fags. However bad they are and howver much they will make me feel like sh** right now if I were on my own I would be on them. I'm useless, I have to do it for me and not for others but not bothered about me.

Sorry a bad night


Don't say sorry 'cos you're finding it hard!

I am doing it for my children and my partner yes, but cowardly I am not so sure how strong I would be if I contracted cancer, if I didn't have them and only had myself to worry about.

I don't think I would feel very strong and I know I would be heart broken over not stopping before and thinking 'ah what the hell, i don't care'.

Knowing I had deliberately put myself in danger and go through the pain of therapy and the cancer I couldn't cope with it, so I have definitely given up for myself too!

I am sorry your worried about a traumatic weekend x x sure smoking JPS will not change the outcome in any positive way what so ever!!

You know in your heart, how hard you've worked at this, how far you have come! if you give in to it again you'll just be absolutely livid with yourself! and face going through all this shit again!

Hi Ron

I think most of us do this because we love someone else more than we love ourselves - You love your wife and bro right? I'm doing this because I love my kids, my husband, sister,mum etc. and I would hate them to suffer because of something I had done to myself! (and they would suffer because they love me!!)

You are not useless - you are brill because you care! You've come so far please keep with it. All I will say is that by doing this for other people (as well as yourself) makes you the best - it's one of the most important human traits - the ability to love - it makes the world go round!


Best Wishes

Loopy XX

Cheers for that guys. I only wish I had seen them this morning. I will be perfectly honest with you, thats the least you deserve. Got to work this morning, knowing it would be the beginning of my shit weekend and helped myself to one of the cleaners roll up fags- ie I stole it! Smoked but did not enjoy but was still in my could not give a shit mode and decided to go to the garage and buy 10. I did not. Went on my gum and managed the rest of the day and glad I did. Been to gym tonight and done a good work out and would not have been able to do that on the fags. Just hoping that that will be my last blip. Went from 2pm to 8pm without gum and the withdrawals are getting better. It has to be all in the mind, a habit. The weekend will get worse tongiht and tomorrow, but when I get to the evening I do not crave. You may be wondering why its a very traumatic weekend for me. I will explain some day. Got to force myself now to stay 100% smoke free- I go for a fortnight and then succomb and have one- just one. God knows why.

But in 4 months smoked less than I would have done in one good evening at the pub- so thats got to count for something.

Hope ur all ok



Ah Well Done!!

Not the rollie of course :rolleyes: lol never mind S**t happens x

but then you went to get 10 JPS and didn't! that makes up for it loads! and then getting down the gym too!! Super star x x

You do not need to explain why your week end will be traumatic, knowing it is a bad one for you helps us to understand why it's hard x x

My thoughts are with you x x Stay strong, today has shown you, you will do this!

Cheers buffy

Appreciate u being there- the trauma is really happening now as I know it would, but will not smoke and thats the most important thing

Hey Ron You have got to be one of the most honest people I 've seen(albeit we've never met!) I get extremely hacked off when folk (ok on non english sites) proclaim how you can only be considered truly quit if you don't slip and have a cig. They claim you have "awakened" the "nicodemon" by "feeding him"

(This is smoking an odd fag to me and you!lol) Maybe I just ain't the type of person who can adapt to this way of thinking. I just want to quit smoking - not hug a few trees! Ok so You've had a few cigs,but you still keep going! That is an accomplishment in any language imho. Stay strong Ron. This is YOUR quit

do it YOUR way. Totally off topic where in West Yorks r u ? I only ask cos most of my family still live there(I was born in Wakefield)

Hi Kazza

Cheers for that- and if we cannot be honest on here theres not much point. Have been fag free again since Weds since I nicked a roll up off the cleaner at work! Chewing my gum and only had 6 pieces today which has got to be better than 30 JPS. Feeling like a saddo on Sat night on here, but as I said in a few other postings on this thread its a very traumatic weekend for me- cannot go into the reasons at the moment. First time in weeks we have been in on Sat night so having a few cans and feeling pensive.

I live in Wakey- Crofton- u know it? Everybody smokes here, Regal country so its difficult going to a pub but can cope with that. Its the mornings- if I can get till 9.30 am ok for the rest of the day, whether at home or work (mega stressful as am a headteacher in a small village school!- that will surprise a lot of you!)

I quit on 14 Feb- the day my sis in law died of lung cancer- passive smoking as she never smoked!

Since then had one binge day when I smoked 10 one after each other thenthe usual pattern is to go a week or a fortnight and then succomb and have 1. In nearly 4 months reckon have had 20 fags- less than one good night out. I know I will make it and in 2 weeks intend to come off the gum and go cold turkey.

We all have our different ways of coming off the weed and our differnet philosophies. Thanks for your understanding. My ambition is to be fit enough to do a 10 k run in the summer-am up to 5 k now and will get there. 3 months ago I could not have run 100 metres!

This is a very great achievement for me- maybe the number 1 achievement in my life. Its hard sometimes- like this awful weekend- but its nearly bed time and have made another day.

One day might find the strength to open up a bit more- but not just yet

Cheers all. Nobody knows what its like do they unless they have been addicted.



Hope ur doing ok by the way- hate going on about me

Hi Ron

Glad you're o.k. if a little stressed - to be honest what you did reveal to Kazza i.e. headteacher does not surprise me. We are living in a time where the media portrays everyone as perfect and if we don't fit that we feel embarassed, not good enough etc. - I'm constantly questioning my abilities just lately yet I never did before - maybe it's my age! (Ahem.....36) or is it the media making me think I'm not a perfect parent or the government condeming me for not eating enough spinach! - I don't know but no-body seems to stand up to this stuff - they all pretend they're as perfect as they should be and we're all trying to live up to phenominal standards. At least on this site we can be honest and admit we're struggling or down etc. which I suspect lots of people go through (folks who have never smoked included) without being able to admit to anyone, or talk to anyone about how they feel - therefore we are the lucky ones to be able to support each other - lets face it most of us have issues outside of stopping smoking but it's nice to receive encouragement and support without having to divulge all your inner thoughts and just know someone else understands.

Phew... that was a bit deep but I hope you get my drift...

Just keep faith in yourself and I hope I can keep strong too....four months is absolutely brilliant!

Love Loopy XX



Feeling like a saddo on Sat night on here, but as I said in a few other postings on this thread its a very traumatic weekend for me- cannot go into the reasons at the moment. First time in weeks we have been in on Sat night so having a few cans and feeling pensive.

Empathise with trauma had a few me self but! ...............

Am i a saddo for being online on a Saturday night?!

I don't get out like i used to on a Saturday night! i hope to get up to me old tricks when either i can leave the kids alone or they have left me! :p

Ah sorry sounds harsh, pulling your leg, bigggest hug to you on this week end, hope i bought a wee smile ;)

Hi Ron,

Yeah I know where u live lol! My mum used to be at wakefield college, there and whitwood in castleford. She used to lecture in business studies. She is supposed to have retired but is now working as a consultant for Barnsley LEA. She now lives there with my step dad. The rest of my family are scattered between south milford,swillington( nr castleford)and me in a small village in beds.

Although I was born in Manygates (when it was a maternity hospital). The reason I live here now is cos I was in the RAF and the last camp I was at was

raf Henlow on Beds. I met my husband here (a local chap who was MOD) and 18yrs later I'm still here!great going on the running though. You must feel dead chuffed with yourself. Don't really mind what you are - headteacher or caretaker. It matters not. You come here cos you want to chuck smoking and SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE!!

Sleep well


Ahh Yes in on Saturday night - don't get out much at the minute either - my daughter got a table tennis table for christmas and we tend to play that but having quite a small dining room we play it off the walls and ceiling too a bit like squash - don't knock it till you've tried it! (Especially when you've had a few)

Loopy XX

Rofl sounds funny :D

It's like putting a treadmill against a wall rofl

I love hanging with my kids in doors (and out)! :D

In fact considering a karaoke machine :D rofl more for me i guess, after a couple of glasses of vino :rolleyes:

Nothing to beat a nice sunday roast, half a bottle of plonk a game of risk with the boys, make up the girls then a sing along on a karaoke lollol

Well- I guess we all spent our Sundays in different ways. For me it was a morning bike ride, a nice lunch, a visit to the gym, a spell in the garden and hoping for a chilled out night, despite the phone going with issues to face tomorrow at work. But its been fag free, almost gum free and almost craving free- still get them after nearly 4 months.

The trauma has been lived through that I have been going on about and not as bad as expected. So heres another week coming up and hope I can get through the first waking hour- thats still my worst time. Its going to be a bit difficult at work next week but at least its the holiday on Friday and a week off to look forward to- guaranteed fag free as away from all temptations.

My wife is a star and a trojan for putting up with me and I really want to not have a blip anymore but who knows.

Stay strong guys, as I read more I see we are all so very different but share one common desire- to come off fags. Was trying to work out that if i had not smoked for 40 yrs I would have been 1000s of pounds better off. Out of the hundreds of thousands of fags I must have smoked, some I really did enjoy, u will all relate to that, but many many many I just smoked. Still coughing up the results of all that but not as much, but the body is amazing and am like a diff person after 4 months- if a little porkier!

Have a good week and cheers dudes


Ah ron x

I know you struggle and all but on the other hand you do so well and achieve so much!

All that gym time, bike riding and chilling in the garden! I know its half a dozen of one and 6 of the other but you do have a lot to celebrate x x x x

Glad the week end came and went easier than expected x x I love you for your honesty and sensitivity x x your all man xx

Cheers to everyone

Keep up the great work!!!!!



I was just posting to see if anyone in the early stages read these. please say hello if you do!



Hi Grinfire - me again just wanted to make sure you got my post on your other thread!!!!




Yes I did,

Thank you


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