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Week 7: Ta da!!!!!!!!!


As its now 10pm on the same night i gave up 6 weeks ago, i'm just off to watch a film n sink a very nice bottle of wine.. i've made it to the 7th week and as posted in my previous day 42 post... am now as of tomorrow morning when i wake up stepping down in patch strength to the 14mg smaller patches.

Feeling very happy to do so, and really happy to have come this far. I like the idea of less nicotine on the patches as its a major step now in the direction I want to head in, the end objective is in 4 weeks where i will have no patches at all after that.. perhaps less, i'll see how i go really.

These forums are great and seeing other folk succeeding with their quits has also been a major confidence boost.

Peace to you all! Keep up the good work everyone!


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Hi Jase :D

Ta Da indeed week 7 that's great

I really think you have this sussed now

Hope you enyoed the wine and the film



:)Thats fantastic Jase.....you deserve a nice bottle of wine and a night out;)Well done!!

Thanks marg :)

Wine was great, the film left alot to be desired though, I managed to find a candidate for duckegg of the year film i think. :)

Well i'm on the 14mg patch now already this morning.. can't say i'm noticing at all any change compared to the 21mg one.. so all is good :)

Hi Jase :D

Sorry the film wasn't much good

Glad you haven't noticed any vhange by going to a lower dose patch



Yeah! Well done Jase!

Well, the first day on the stepped down 14mg dosage has gone rather well, seem to have coped just fine. The REAL test is tomorrow though, monday.

To the fray then eh! :) Bring on monday!

Rightho, tis 12:45am. As i typically hate mondays, and find them the toughest to deal with in my week, i'm off for some shut-eye.

If anyone's up awake still, and perhaps struggling a bit.. try n relax and get yourself off to sleep if you can, soon be morning and thats x amount more hours you'll have gone..

nn :)

Monday b***dy monday, where art though, no hidden surprises thusfar, and my gremlin wasn't dining after midnight either.. yayaya!

Today is looking ok so far so good, nothing to report really ;)

I'll try n lurk the forums today where i can. :)

I'm sure it'll be ok.

The chap on the next desk to me has an mp3 ringtone on his phone which is very encouraging today:

'Bring me sunshine' :)

Makes me smile every time his phone rings :)

Hope today is a good one for you Jase. Lots of PMA

It is so far, but made all the better when i keep reading folk further on posting that they have gone 4/5/6/7/8+ months or more :)

They are an inspiration, and if i can inspire anyone just starting out to make that first step, and keep on taking strides then i'll feel even now that on my 7th week that folk have got real hope. They just need to stick at this and see it through.. and continue to do so.

Todays been pretty ok, the only things bugging me in work today are outside of the realms of my control, and are not something i can change no matter how much i would have normally stressed.. its surprised me really but i've not worried on it, and i've just forwarded it on to the folk who need to know about it... bit of a pass the parcel but hey!. :)

and the expected 'after lunch craving' now hits. Almost right on cue :)

I do wonder when these tend to fade, but even tho on a lower dosage patch these seems no more intense than other 'after lunch' crave.

it's still being told no.. the spoilt brat that it is :)

and craving subsided about about 8 mins (or it seemed like 8 :) )

These after lunch ones are the only ones i think i notice now.. i seem to 'sigh' a bit i'm told during the day, but i guess thats me just gritting my teeth n dealing with it hehe

erk, i think i've written quite some posts today.. i seem to get carried away sometimes.. but it helps me keep my mind off any cravings.

Think i'll take a typing break hehe and a coffee.. like i need caffeine hehe

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