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On day 81 but still on NRT


I am really proud of myself to get to this point but now have a new worry. I am addicted to my Nicorette Mouth Spray! I can't leave home without it.

I don't know how to wean myself off it. Anyone else had a problem getting off the NRT? Still have cravings once or twice a week and they are really strong.

Am I doing myself harm? I would rather have my mouth spray than cave in and buy some Cigs. I have to hold my breath when I walk past people in the street as I hate the smell.

Aagh, what to do?

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Hi Rex, your sig says you are on the patches as well is that right or is it just the mouth spray you are taking on its own, I know nothing about nrt but I do know that at some point you are going to have to go for it no matter what happens, you might find that once you do decide to get rid of it you will cope better than you imagined.

Great that you are quit so dont worry tooo much ;)

I should change my sig. I stopped patches 4 weeks ago and just have the mouth spray. I don't use it too much, just 4 or 5 sprays a day but I think I should be off it by now. I am resolved to not buy another one so will be off it in a couple of weeks, I'm just frightened I don't have anything to combat the urges.

You are progressing very well with your quit and should be careful now that you are about to take your first "unaided" steps ( sounds like you were a child about to walk... but you know what I mean !!).

If I were you I think I would keep some of the NRT in reserve, when you stop, .....Just in case....:cool:

Hi Rex

I'm in a similar dilemna. Down to using just my inhalator now and not sure how and when I can do without it. Am thinking it will probably come to a natural end soon, but if not maybe I will have to gradually cut down over a number of weeks. If we can dump the fags these NRT's should be a doddle :D

Don't want to be out of order here, but I found NRT more painful than cigarettes? ALL types have given me heart palpitations and leg pains? Betta shut up now before I am in the doghouse again.

Zoe xx

Zoe, all meds have different effects on different people.

I am fine with NRT, but not with Champix.

I'd agree with Grumpie, and just keep some handy just in case - better that than a cigarette!

OK so I'm in the doghouse again :rolleyes:

I only said that NRT doesn't work for me, didn't mean for everybody, but from posts on here, I have read that many others get side effects from NRT too. Well the more I learn the more I know nothing. So gonna keep my gob shut on this forum. Found another forum anyway cos I need support also.

And I am sick and tired of being told off all the time. ROFLMAO I have worse probs than smoking :rolleyes:

no expert

hi well done for getting this far yay you!!!

dont see this as starting something new by giving the nrt a knock on the head its just the next step to success.

i found as sig says fishermans friends gave me same hit to throat and uncomfortable feelings a real help, also olives and silverskin onions ok now i think im addicted to those but think to fair that is just the oh i think im hungry so they help than i will never be able to live without olive lol.

never quit quitting

jenni x

Hi REX sounds like u need to gradually wean down on the nrt, reduce it by one spray at atime then two then maybe use for half a day followed by a day on, gradual steps are best for anything u need to wean off. eventually replace it with something else, a placebo until you can do without the spray

Im weaning down from nrt patches and i understand the apprehension you feel about having to do it [not smoking] unaided. my philosophy is one day at a time and one hour at a time if need be. i know from experience that small do-able steps are best. Then when u r ready make them larger. walk then run... skip... fly............

Mash X

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