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Hi All,

I am now on day 25 and heading towards the month mark. Over the last month I have kind of gone into hibernation to deal with the demon - sleeping when need be, chewing gum, straws, sweets - anything that came to hand really. Felt depressed, anxious, angry - roller coaster of emotions.

Now feel I am starting to emerge - still have very strong cravings that hit but pass more quickly. Have mouth ulcers, burning tongue, some difficulty in focusing on tasks BUT I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. My energy levels are now beginning to pick up, anxiety is reducing, don't think about cigs every minute of the day (but still at the back of my mind), don't smell of smoke. I have always kept a packet of cigs in the house as it made may feel less panicky - they are still there untouched. I now realise that if I have one puff now I will be right back to beginning so I have told myself that I just cannot do that - although there are moments when i am close to caving. Have put on weight but as energy levels pick up I think activity will possibly help deal with that. Still call myself a 'smoker but not at the moment'. And I am waiting for the day when I can confidently say - I don't smoke! But still teetering on the edge and ever watchful.

As an afterthought - I think we should be kind to smokers and not fall into the bullying/I am better than thou -attitude which always really annoyed me and still does - even though I am on my way to ditching the cigs after 40 years. We all have our own demons - and need to help not hound each other. Sorry for very long post but just want to give a summary of my month for anybody who is just starting to quit. The forum is a great tool.

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Congratulations on reaching 25 days smoke free. You are winning this battle. Personally I just pity smokers now, pity their need to light up that cancerous white stick, pity they waste their Money and time on this disgusting habit. I don't think I would ever preach to a smoker or condemn them for their habit, how can I having been one of them for over 40 years, just glad I am now free.


Well done Trish, you've turned a corner now!!

Agree with Jeannie, I don't lecture smokers but do pity them even though that was me not so long ago.


Well done that woman.:) It's not easy giving up and giving up after 40 years is brilliant. You can do this. Just keep telling yourself you can smoke if you want to and make your choice. I think you will keep choosing not to.

I had mouth problems , ulcers, sore lumpy bits and teeth bleeding when I brushed teeth. My dentist sis told me the whole flora of your mouth changes when you stop smoking and to get myself some Corsodyl until I get to see her. After a few days of using that all those symptoms have cleared. It might be worth investing a few pounds on a bottle.

Keep up your good work. You really are doing great:D


Well done :D


road to recovery

Thanks for words of support - day 29 and still here.


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