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Here I am in week 3 and looking forward to seeing many posts from my fellow late August quitters.

One thing I have noticed in my relatively short time here, and that is the number of posts from people still lying to themselves about smoking. We go through our lives lying to ourselves about smoking being good, helping us with stress etc. etc. and then when we try and give up, the lies continue. I'm talking about the number of people who quit for, say 2 weeks, then have a ciggie or a couple of ciggies, and then tell themselves it was a blip and believe they are STILL in the same quit week!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!

QUIT means QUIT and if you have just one ciggie then don't kid yourself - you are back to DAY ZERO!!! It's not me unsympathetic, it's a fact. I should know, i've done it myself and what happens is you have another cig 2 weeks later, safe in the (untrue) knowledge that you can just count it as a blip and still be non-smoker. After a few weeks I was smoking every Friday night and still considering myself a non-smoker because I didn't smoke during the week.

Now, I know that sounds harsh but it's the truth - your quit day is the day you LAST had a cig, not some convenient day in the past that you would like to be the last day you had a cig.

On a more cheerful note, last week started off bad but improved immensely by the weekend and infact the last few days have been relatively crave free. Ony on Saturday did I have crippling urge to have a cig but managed to suppress the awful feeling by breathing deep for 5 minutes; hopefully these craving pangs will become less frequent over time.

From reading week 3 posts it looks like a lot of people have difficulty staying quit in week 3. Either that, or most people are content and don't have any cravings, and therefore don't feel the need to post :D Me, I think I'll be posting my ups and downs for some time to come.

Have a nice day :D

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Well done on entering week 3 - I am going to be doing so tomorrow.

I think there is a difference between a blip and a ruined quit. I have initially had blips which have turned into ruined quits as I haven't jumped straight back on the wagon and have continued to smoke.

I agree that quit means quit but we are all human and this is bloody hard - if it was easy none of us would be here as we wouldn't need support.

I think the thing about week 3 is part of what they call there terrible 3's (day 3, week 3, month 3). There are posts and links on here about this.

Good luck with your quit and well done :)

Hi Tinkerbell. Looking forward to seeing you here tomorrow :D

It sure is hard and I think I might have sounded a bit too harsh on the blipping but i've been in that situation so many times and it's such a damn easy trap to fall into; the nicotine monster enjoys it when we lie to ourselves :D

I went 2 weeks without a cig earlier this year when I went on holiday to Florida but I never intended to quit, it was just that family didn't smoke and it meant driving to the nearest 7-11 to get a pack of fags (BTW don't ask for a fag in the USA, it means something completely different over there :D). Anyway when I returned home I went straight to the pub and back on the cigs - it never occured to me to stop.... one of those DOH! moments.

Well I hope we can all get through the dreaded week 3 syndrome and stay off the cigs!

Of course we will matey. PMA and all that! :)

TBH I feel stronger this time then I have done with any of my previous quits, not sure if it is because I've learnt from my mistakes.

For me, the hardest thing is at home. The people around me smoke and in the house which makes it worse...

Yesterday one of my housemates said you're really tetchy today is this no smoking lark taking it's toll on you. I said you are only jelous because I can do it and you can't. I regret saying that but at least it shut him up :D

Good luck to you - we will be just fine :p

I'm still here - day 15!:eek:

Have had some major wobbles and mood swings past few days but for today at least I seem to be feeling a bit better which makes no sense whatsoever as I dropped the patch strength today due to dizzy spells.......

So today so far so good, I'm not counting those chickens though and thoroughally expect to be in for many more bumpy rides - come on week 3 throw me what you got!

Good luck all

Jane x

Hiya, yeah i think a blip means back to day zero (((sorry))) mind you i never had a blip but if i did i'd feel happier calling it a blip, yeh a bit of self dishonesty in the works for sure but the main thing is that we stay focused and keep on trying.

Well done for getting through 3 weeks! Onwards and upwards. :)

I like your style!!!

I agree...I have tried to call one cig a blip in the past but it usually leads to failure when looked upon that way...

A blip = back to zero even if you are 20 years quit!

Strong words in your original post but words that needed to be said.

I like your style!!!!

I think the hardest things about blipping is it can destroy a good quit.

Think it is dangerous to think blipping is ok because of the above reason.

Lastly I had a puff at around 363rd day of my quit, I don't consider this to be anything other than stupidity and I also think at that point if I had been so hard on myself I would've started smoking again in earnest.

Everyone needs to do what they need to do to keep themselves quit, being hardline works for me but doesn't work for everyone, which does not lessen the effectiveness of their quit. I have a friend who quit smoking along time ago, she keeps quit by telling herself she can have a fag if she wants one, personally I'd give in too easyu that way but it works for her.

Good luck to you all and good luck in your journey.


I agree, having a puff on a ciggie, or "smoking" as I like to call it, is definitely the best way to destroy a good quit but unfortunately the day we quit is the day we last allowed nicotine into our body and no matter if it has been 1 day, 1 month, 1 year or 10 years, if we allow nicotine into our body again, we are back to day zero.

As far as I am aware this isn't negotiable and we can't even blame the government! :D

If we want to ignore it then that is up to ourselves; perhaps we could trade quit days? I'd pay good money if someone can let me have 2 months of their quit :D or possibly have 2 versions of quit - "Actual Quit Day" the day we last inhaled smoke and "Partial Quit Day", the day we stopped smoking regularly (but have had a crafty drag since).

Only joking :D I agree everyone has to do whatever it takes to stay quit, and I suppose "fudging the figures" is some peoples way of coping, especially if they have done so well for so long.

Actual Quit Day 16 and coping quite well with the cravings.

Hmm. Sometimes though, the line can blur.

I am a nope quitter. I know if I blip i'll be back on 20 a day before the end of the day so Not One Puff Ever for me.

However, if I did blip, and it was just a silly drunken mistake, I think the thought of going back to day 1 would make me feel like a failure which would probably send me spiraling back on the fags. To treat it as a blip would probably be a lesson learnt and i'd stay on track.

To become a serial blipper (ie every Friday) is a lost quit though in my opinion.

Its a sensitive issue though. And in my experience on this forum, its probably wise to sit on the fence regarding contentious issues. This particular forum works well by allowing people to choose how they quit rather than taking a hard line like other forums. Be it NRT or Champix, cold turkey, blips before a final quit. A succesful quit comes in all types of shapes and forms and all should be wildly applauded!

Well done on day 16. Thats brilliant!


...However, if I did blip, and it was just a silly drunken mistake... Fi

there was a guy... who had a of blip... with another girl... it was too... just a drunken mistake :(

I agree that everyone has to choose their way and how to deal with it, but I would treat blip with same seriousness as infidelity - a big kick on the butt to seek for a new direction in life!

Also, if I was a person likely to blip, I would at least get something with no-nicotine to blip with... like e-cig... or straw might do it :)

But then it wouldn't be a blip!! Just a furtive straw sucking event!

In all seriousness though, In the last 19 months i've seen serial blippers, blippers who are totally kidding themselves that they have a handle on it, smokers who are still pretending to be non smokers and then those who just had a slip. I have to stand up and shout their corner! Even if its a small and select one!

I find that exercise does help - although I don't think I couldn't exercise every day!

I'm not the sporty type by any means, never have been. But I did join the gym again (for the millionth time) and have been trying to go at least once a week. I found that every time I've joined the gym in the past I have set myself unrealistic targets e.g. told myself I would go every night, or at least 3 or 4 times a week etc.; after a few weeks of maybe going once a week I stopped going, so this time I'm not making unrealistic promises to myself.

I like to go on the treadmill for 1/2 hour, just walking at a fast pace, then I go on the bike for about 20 minutes - nothing too strenuous but enough to get a sweat on :D

If you don't have access to a gym then going for a short walk is probably just as good (and cheaper). You don't have to walk for miles, just down to local shops is good, then try and walk a little further after a week or so.

One thing I have noticed and that is I don't have any cravings to smoke whilst or after I have been doing any exercising; not for a few hours afterwards at least.

As for waking in the middle of the night, I have found that I have been sleeping better but have woke up a few times in the middle of the night - usually wide awake. Not sure why though! maybe I am just getting better quality sleep than I was when I smoked :D

Hi Everyone

Ive got to Day 15 starting tomorrow and have read this site when needing some understanding that not alone. It has helped a lot, but as I have previously stopped CT, I feel a bit of a cheat on Champix and do worry about side effects. I have cut dose to 0.5 x 2 daily and feel better though withdrawal moodiness experienced. I am worried that when I come off altogether that cravings will feel severe. Anyone know from their experience??

Thanks for any advice and good luck to everyone


Hi Cormack,

Having never tried Champix I couldn't really comment but I would say that no matter what method you choose to quit with, if the result is the same i.e. you give up smoking, then I wouldn't give it another thought.

As for worrying about your cravings being severe, I quit Cold Turkey and the cravings are going to be there, there's no doubt about that - you've just got to remember that they are not painful or scary, just a feeling of missing something (same feeling as being hungry really).

Unfortunately we don't have a choice and if there was a way to easily quit with no cravings then I'm pretty sure we'd all be using the same technique :-)

BTW When you do get a craving just take a deep breath, count to 5, and breathe out slowly.

Also you might want try reading Allen Carr's "Easy way to stop smoking" or better still, listening to the CD's - I listen on the way to and from work every day and they explain about how bad smoking is, in a way that I never thought about before.

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