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leaving 2 months

24 hours and im into the 3 month room hehehe, its been a lot easyer than i thought, i could suggest to everyone that cold turkey is the best way to go but then we are not all the same but at the same time i would say "give it a go" because you have nothing to lose, yes i still get those pangs but they are easy to brush away, i still get a feeling that im going to give in, its a constant battle even being 8 weeks in but i say to myself that ive done all this hard work and there aint no way am i going back to smoking, loving cycling (its a lot easyer than it was before) feeling more chilled than ever, i smell nicer, i have more time to do things ( 20 fags @ 5 mins a fag = thats near 2 hours a day ? ) breathing now is good and if you think about it..... in a lot of years time you wont need some machine to help ! Oh the money id have saved if i was working every day (unfortunatly the recession does nt allow me too) id be able to buy lots of things, Life is good as i dont smoke any more, we are all getting to old (even the young ones) to quick, time to give up !!!!

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Well done on your achievement. I am also quitting cold turkey and feel its the best way to go, may be a little more difficult at first but it gets rid of the nicotine addiction faster so in the long term I think it's better. I am on day 41 today and still crave but like you just push the thought aside. Keep going we can do this


Your 100 th post and it's positive - magic :D


Ty Ty :) , hope your all doing well


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