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No Smoking Day
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Into Month #2

I've managed to sneak into month two undetected... Those little monsters won't know what hit them. I'm going all the way this time!!!

Back to reality, I managed to sneak into month two because I couldn't get out of bed. The dreaded Man-Flu got me. That being said, it didn't last too long, I'm telling myself "imagine how long that would have lasted if you had been smoking... hacking and choking all the while..."

Anyway, Day 33 and feeling fine. How is everyone?

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Good work Keith, you are bossing this :)


Hi Keith

Well done on coming so far! I always think that too, imagine how much worse it would be if you were smoking.

I saw some girls smoking at the bus stop, after a while of waiting for the bus they were coughing and spluttering. I was like haha Im not one of you anymore!

Keep on going :D


So wonderful those days are oh so passing quickly now aren' they!!!

Am truly pleased for you so strong in your quit, blooming fantastic.

Huge well done from me! Happy times


Hello Keith :D

Sorry you've been under the weather- there's a lot of it about and oddly, everyone I know that's gone down with it is a fella (which may, or may not, mean it really IS man flu :p). You're quite right though- just imagine how much worse it would have been if you still smoked. Like TG, I used to find that colds settled on my chest and lasted weeks whereas on the odd occasion I go down with one now it's gone within a few days. What we used to do to ourselves! :rolleyes:

Many congratulations on storming through into Month 2 and may I say how much I love your signature? That's brilliant! :)


Good going Keith, marching on up the hill to the penthouse !


Day 35,

Still feeling good. I now have a vision that will keep me going a few more weeks.

It was one of those days when it was pouring rain, and I mean pouring. A work colleague (and ex smoking buddy) was rushing franticly around the office. The look on his eyes was just sheer terror.

He looked at me and said "F-ing quitter!!! I've left my smokes in the car". It then dawned on me. I hadn't felt that feeling, the one where you don't know how you can cope without a cigarette, in quite some time...It felt really good. The look of terror that my friend experienced will follow me for a while because I don't want anything to have that kind of control over me.

Just thought I would share in case it brightens up anyone else's day. :)


Well done :-) im looking forward to reaching where you are, great achievement,


Ha Keith. I've been to the pub tonight with a smoking mate, he kept bobbing out in the rain for a fag. Seems crazy the thing. I/we have been doing for years.

Keep up the good work


Good story Keith. I remember the sense of panic well. The worst was when you knew you were going to be in a situation where you wouldn't be able to smoke for hours (airports, train journeys, etc). That frantic chain-smoking in an attempt to top up the nicotine reserves....dear me, I SO don't miss that.

Welcome to Day 36 by the way- well done you! :)


Talking about airports, who else would exit the airport and have to go through security again when waiting for a connecting flight because you couldn't wait until you got to the final destination? I remember a journey, three flights and I think I went through security four times. Was I crazy? Don't answer, I already know....


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