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387 days quit

So its been a while since I've been on here. Found this place a massive help in the early days, and enjoyed logging on and posting updates (aswell as reading everyone else's progress!)

My little girl turns 1 next month, and the biggest thing for me is that she will never know me as a smoker, and that makes me smile!!

I know I will never be a non smoker, always an 'ex smoker'. Once or twice I have had a cigarette or 2 when under the influence of alcohol (not an excuse), but I have never wanted to continue when sober, which to me is a good sign. I understand that is still a part of the quit I need to master, but as that's happened twice in 387 days, I cut myself some slack.

Hope everyone is well and their quits are going strong.


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Well done you that's fantastic :) you must be very proud it's posts like this that makes me more determined to carry this through to the very end x


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