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Day 7 on Champix, quit day tomorrow

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Hi all, i'm not new to this site, but have hidden away for some time. I quit last year using patches for 3 months but couldnt get the dosage down with out starting smoking again, so I gave up giving up and thought long and hard about it. I went to my doctors last week and explained that I had tried 'everything' except for Champix and she agreed to let me have a go.

So far the side effects have been minimal, just wacky dreams, but I have liked most of those. Also I have been taking my second tablet midday rather than at night through fear of not being able to sleep (like Zyban).

Anyway, I have had more ciggie thought free moments than ciggie obsessed moments so maybe its starting to work. I was hoping by now I would have 'forgotten' about the cigs a bit more and am worried about my quit day tomorrow. I know im going to need alot more willpower than hoped for.

Also concerned about the dosage increasing tomorrow, just hoping the side effects stay minimal.

I'd be really pleased to hear of your stories, please do reply to my thread. Did anyone else using Champix feel like this the day before the quit day, how was quit day and beyond?

Fingers crossed



24 Replies
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Quit when you're ready!

I took Champix, was worried about setting my quit date too early, so set it for day 12. I gave up on day 10 as i was finding cigarettes more and more repulsive!! Still here - 23 days without a cigarette.

I take my second tablet at 3.30/4.00pm as I was starting to have restless nights, but have no other side effects as long as i took the tablets straight after eating. Oh, apart from the dreams, but most of those are fab ;)

If you're not ready to quit tomorrow, then don't - it does say 8-14 days, but even if you're not ready on day 14 you should be getting there! As long as you quit one day soon, then that's all that matters!!

Good luck!


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Sorry to be slightly off thread goodie, but I'm interested in your previous experience with patches.

I'm 7 days in, on high strength patches and feeling pretty good about myself. Having never tried before I don't really know what effect the patches are having... I guess you really noticed the drop in dosage when you changed down? I'm sticking with the plan so guess I've got a few weeks more before I need to think about it, but I'm curious as to whether my mental attitude to smoking has changed over the last week, or whether these patches really are keeping me sane? They certainly don't make me feel the same as having a smoke, but I'm not missing it as much as I thought I would either.

As for the dreams, a few people have told me they removed patches overnight for the same reason you mention regarding Champix. Like you, I'm kind of enjoying this little side-effect!

Stick with it & all the best buddy....

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hey goodie and welcome!

im on day 16 after quitting on around day 8 of champix (cant remember the exact day - now thats positive progress!).

my experience of champix has been fairly rough in a physical/emotional sense BUT BUT BUT i wouldnt even contemplate coming off it. For me the difficulties have been around the nausea which kicked in on when the double dose did and always seems to last about 1 hour after each tablet. In a funny way you kindof get used to it and the real plus is that whilst feeling sick the last thing in the world you fancy is a cig!!!

The other thing for me has been the emotional ups and downs but it is worth noting that lots out there not taking champix are experiencing the same so it may not be isolated to champix.

Now the negatives are out of the way - let me tell you about my experience of the saviour champix:D

on day 2 i could taste food like i havent in 20 years - this only gets better

the cravings and habit reduced so quickly it has absolutley stunned me.

going through some of the side affects/withdrawals ironically makes me more determined never to touch the evil weed again

The anticipation of giving up is most definitley harder than actually doing it. My advice on champix - do it when it feels right. Trust me you will know and good luck - you'll do just great. i know it.....

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Yep, yep and amen to Champix!

Heya, totally, completely agree on EVERYTHING you said about Champix. I'm on day 15 smokefree, quit on day 3 of champix (early I know) and I couldn't even dream of having a smoke. Even thinking about it turns my stomach!

And like you say, going through the side effects makes you all the more determined to keep going - you know you feel sick, bloated, knackered and generally weird for a damned good reason.

I wasn't even especially ready to quit, or so I thought - it just happened when I changed doctors and had a smoking cessation appointment thrust at me. They suggested Champix, warning me I'd only get one shot at it, and that was it, I never looked back.

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Hi Goodie,

Well done on getting to your quit day tomorrow and very good luck with it. I don't know if you have read any of my posts, but I too am using Champix. First let me say "make sure that you have no smokes in the house or on you" and I am sure that if you are committed to quitting tomorrow, then you will find the Champix just seems to kick in.

I am on day 13 smoke free and it has been great compared to all the others methods that I have tried, including Zyban. Don't worry about the full dose of Champix, you will hardly notice any change. Yes, there is the sleep problem, but that gets better although the dreams are wierd aren't they. You should just find that you don't crave a smoke, sure you'll think about them, but I hope that like me, you wont actually crave for one. You still need your willpower and the determination.

I wish you all the best and if your experience is like mine, then you will be happy with ease with which you are quitting.

Please let me know how it goes...Good luck

Aremess. :D

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Hi Goodie :D

It's good to see you back on the quitting road


Marg xx

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Day 8 of Champix

Well I am supposed to be quitting today and I kept going until 11am and then I had one (actually went out to buy them! For £6+ how ridiculous is that?)...Anyway, after reading your posts I think although I can feel myself on the way there, today was not meant to be the quit date for me. I'll see how I get on today and think again tomorrow.

I took my double dose this morning, with no side effects. Although I do seem to be a bit spaced our recently, is that a side effect?

To Alexandra regarding the patches. I too felt like you at the beginning with the patches, I felt totally mentally ready, but thats because I didnt have a nicotine withdrawal biting me on the bum as the patches sorted that out. I dropped from Stage 1 to 2 after 2 weeks and all was well. It was going from step 2 to 3 that I struggled much so that I was on stage 2 for 3 months! Also, I had to take them off in the evenings as I wouldnt be able to sleep with them on. I dont know if it was the dose difference or if it was my lifestyle which made it difficult for me to go down the final step.

So today i have just had 2 so far, usually by this time I would have had atleast double that, so not bad I guess.

Will I really know that I am ready or do I have to force myself to be ready whilst on Champix?

Waiting in anticipation for the champix to do their stuff


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I kinda knew

Hi Goodie,

I was like you, not sure if i was ready, kept buying 10 packs, and saying to myself once these have finished i will stop. It ended up i had got to a sunday night, had a cigarette, and realised i still had 3 left in the packet. Didn't want to buy a new pack, so just gave them to a smoking friend and stopped.

They just started tasting more and more bad, and i was only having two or three puffs and putting them out.

Take your time, i know some who have posted took them for longer than the 14 days and then still stopped afterwards, so just when it feels right.

Good luck, you will quit soon!:)

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Thanks for you patches experience! I'm sticking to the plan which is 6 weeks step 1, 2 on step 2 and 2 on step 3..... well that's the plan anyway! I'm just feeling a little impatient I guess. This is day 8, my second week and although I love the idea of having smoke, I don't really have a craving as such.. does that make sense? I feel like I need to test myself, but don't want to step down early and blow it.

I have no idea how Champix works, but from reading on here your day will come Goodie. Keep with it.


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Hi Goodie

Well done on deciding to quit. I'm on day 13 of my quit, stopped smoking after 6.5 days on Champix.

That said, this is my second time on Champix, and I think it kicked in faster this time. Also this time I wanted to quit, where as last time I really didn't, but was doing it for someone else. Last time, I never got below 1 cig a day. So it shows that one can keep on smoking. Champix will not do it for you. But, Champix can do a lot and does help tremendously in cutting cravings.

If you are not ready on day 8, pick another quit date and see how you feel then. Chances are you will have tapered down enough that you will be ready. Getting rid of that last cigarette a day at that point is no longer a physical matter, by a psychological one imho.

I felt a little spacey the first few days of quitting on the high dose. Was pretty pissed off and short tempered for a few days, but feel pretty much fine now. I have some negative thoughts and a bit of problem sleeping, but I am not sure how much of that is due to Champix as opposed to other things in my life. All in all I think it's a great drug and I hope you (and I) succeed.

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Im on day 9 of Champix

Hi everyone,

Thought I'd give an update as to how im feeling and doing.

I am still smoking but alot lot less, the desire to smoke isn't really there, so I think its mainly a mental/habit that needs to be broken now. They are now tasting foul and whilst smoking the first few puffs im thinking to myself, why am I doing this, im not getting anything out of it... so all good. Im actually thinking to myself, whats the point in lighting up anymore as im not getting the 'usual' effects from getting 'nothing'! I have cut down to smoking 2 in a row (yes, I know, I know!! but almost getting to 3!!!) to only managing half of one.

Side effects after doubling the dose: Feel a little more spaced out. No sickness, no bad nights but today I have had a headache but was ok after I took a few painkillers.

I have read the Allen Carr book a few times and tonight I think I'll re-read the final chapter (the instructions) to give me an extra boost and see if I can make tomorrow my quit day.

I cant tell you how much I am really looking forward to getting out of this smoking hell and not even thinking of the darn things. Just to be normal with energy and a 'clean' life is going to be amazing!! I have gotten soooo fed up with planning my life around cigs...and to top it off, i've been a secret smoker so its been soo incredibly hard. Why did I ever get myself into this in the first place, I'll never know ;)

Thanks for reading and im looking forward to reading your replies

take care



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Hi Goodie,

Thanks for the update. Wish I could offer advice, but as I said yesterday, I have no idea about the whole Champix thang! What I can say though, is my quit day slipped by a day simply because I had a couple left and couldn't bring myself to either throw, or give them away, and then I ended up buying more because I didn't have enough for the whole day. I ended up having a serious smoking day to clear all stock and start a fresh with zero.

Don't put undue pressure on yourself though, from what I have read day 9 isn't a long time.

All the best...

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Pick a date!

It seems like you're just about ready to pick your day now. I felt exactly the same (yuk!!) when I was smoking and in the end just thought it was enough, it was getting to the point when i was nearly gagging when I smoked!

Just remember you do still need some willpower!!

Good luck with whatever day you decide to stop on!!! Keep us updated!


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Hi Goodie

Well done for getting so far - you sound really positive about stopping smoking and I remember that feeling well! I used Champix and your post brings back memories of me feeling exactly the same way! :D

You are going to be so proud and happy when you get through your first day as a non-smoker - take each hour at a time and you'll soon get there!

Wishing you all the best for the quit - good luck and don't worry about it - it will happen when it happens.

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Is this it?

I have just finished my pack of ciggies. I am determined not to waste anymore money buying anymore. I had 3 7 hours, which is very good for me. And thats it. I am worried I am going to fail like I have so many times. I didnt get arount to reading my Allen Carr book last night so havent been able to reinforce the mental need for them. But I really dont think I am having any physical cravings. I need to get over the 'just give myself/reward myself with a 5 minute break'....I need to change my brian pattern to sitting down with a coffee in the warm and not freezing smoking a death stick outside.

Please, other Champix quitters, can you help me get through this? How did you get through the habit of having one?

I am scared of getting to the overwhelming 'need' for them like i've had using the willpower method before, will this happen? You know the times when if anyone steps in your way of getting hold of them you would possibly find the strength to pick them up and throw them out of your way?

Im in the inbetween time of just having the final one to being a non smoker....

Goodie x:confused:

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Hi Goodie

I am in the stage of just having a couple of cigs a day on the way to being a non smoker too. I think that pretty good since I used to smoke 15 to 20 a day, but still cant class myself as a non smoker. I am on patches and not doing that well. My partner is on Champix and is doing really well and he was a heavy smoker. He has had one a day and says he is not enjoying it at all..good luck. Its a real pain in the butt isn't it !!


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Hi goodie

Fellow champix quitter here - I haven't had a puff yet today. The cravings have been there - even eyed up the dog ends in the bin LOL! Haven't had any dramatic emotional outbursts yet, just riding through the mental crave waves!

As you say it's now entirely a mental battle. Today is Monday and on Friday I really felt eugh about smoking, nauseus and headachey, which looking at my pack was actually day 9. Had a few cigs over the weekend to finish of the last of our supplies and I'm now on day 12 as my day 1 of a non-smoker.

You may need to give it a few more days for the Champix to kick in - you're only just starting the full dose. For me I really wanted my last smokes to be a negative experience which left me feeling sick so I had something to focus on during my quit.

And the way I look at it we've cut down our nicotine intake so going the first day without cigs shouldn't be hard at all physically - it's just using willpower to get over the psychological urge to smoke. Easier said than done I know! :D

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Meet me over at day 4-7

All is well and you will soon be seeing my posts over in the first week. I had my final one as I said on Friday. Had huge craving on saturday night. Took a good smell of my nice smelly self and jumped in the bath to prevent me from jumping in the car to the shops and it did the trick. That was the first craving I had and it wasnt very nice so its true you do still need willpower. It is all in the head though it really is, i just had the usual, got an opportunity to have a sneaky cig moment, but knowing that I didnt smoke was all abit weird!

Anyway..Sunday was great, Monday great, Tuesday great, today I had one of those opportunity moments, so here I am instead of nipping off to the shops...and am patting myself on the back as today will be day 5 of being an ex-smoker.

Had my nurse appt the other day and lungs all good :)

i have lots and lots of extra time in the day and have got an amazing amount of jobs done and actually enjoyed my family so much more which is amazing....I could be a right moody cow before when I was smoking and now im you'd think that would be the other way around wouldnt you?

Got to go, but will be back in the first week forum to let you know more.

All's good, all is good, I am an ex smoker, just want to feel like a non smoker now :)

Speak soon


PS..thank you for all your replies, ive enjoyed reading them all and so grateful for the support x

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Hi, was interesting reading your posts regarding champix. i have recently been given champix, but have been too scared to take it as i have read some horrible reviews from people who felt very ill. I decided to give it another go using the patches (wish they werent so expensive) as i am so suspicious of the Champix lol!

Does anyone know why it is that champix is only prescribed to you just once? seems alot of pressure and i am avoiding using them partly because im scared ill have no options left if i fail again!

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Good for you...

Well done goodie, I've been keeping an eye out for your updates!!

I think those moments are the best.. you know you can have a sneaky one..... no-one will ever know..... but you choose not to for yourself.

I have to run now, but look forward to cathing you again soon.

Take care....

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Well done for your quit.

My nurse said they only prescribe the once as they are sooooo expensive for the nhs.

This is my desperate last shot as quitting, and i am determind for it to work. side effects are barely noticable to me, but we are all different.

Take care. good luck with the patches x

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Hey all, new to this but just started day 7 on Champix, double dose tomorrow but panicking as not starting to really hate the cigs yet. Any thoughts???

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Thanks Max, goin for Saturday (give them every chance;))

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Well I'm on day 6 today no smokes today so far so good

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