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No Smoking Day
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New here- day 4 of quitting

I'm on the start of my fourth day. The first two days I used the patch. Still had the cravings and many nightmares. Yesterday I used nothing and today nothing.

Yesterday I took a sleeping pill and slept for the first time in a long time quite well. From 7:30 pm to 6:00 am.

Feel like I'm in mourning and the temptation of running to buy a pack is in vision however I am trying to stay strong. Love smoking, hate the smell and the affects on your skin, teeth and whatever we can't see.

Bought crest whitestrip and am on day two of that.


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Weclome :) you are going through the toughest part. With the cold turkey watch your blood sugar and drink alot of water.

I found the sleeping pills necessary as well. Couldnt have gotten by without them.

I think you will find that as much as you love smoking there is alot more to love about not smoking. if you think you are going crazy just read the posts and you will see you are not...



OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH day 4!!!:eek: This is a very tough week! Hang in there hun things will get much better soon!


Welcome Free3

Congrats on your quit you have come to the right place for support they are a fab bunch here. we are all doing the same thing fighting Mr Nic I am also on day 4 but have been here before and can tell you it do get easyer after the first week. So stay strong and keep posting Linda xxxxx


Hey free3 ... I to am on day 4 ... having a little wobble at the moment ... it's that just after dinner desire I find hardest :eek: But hanging in there ...

Good luck with not smoking ... stay strong :)


Thanks to everyone for your support

It really doesn't seem like 4 days is a big deal. But every minute just seems difficult.

I'll try drinking lots of water.

Not very happy right now.


Aw :( Every day is a big deal when you're trying not to smoke! It's really tough and if you read other posts you'll see they say it does get easier ... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it does :) People are really encouraging in here so at times when it's tough you'll always find someone to chat too :)

Keep it up ... that's 4 days you'll never have to do again :D


You can do it!!! Hang in there! The reward is huge and you will be so proud of yourself when you realize you CAN do it! Head up and moving forward ~ You are doing great! Day 4 is a huge deal - thats super. The first week is the hardest so you are a star! :D


Hang on in there, your doing FAB. Try to remain positive. It does feel like hell but stick with it.

Good luck xx


Thanks for your support and words of encouragement. That is a help.

Day 5...the days are long. Trying to cope and be patient!!! :rolleyes:


WELCOME FREE! YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE, IT IS SOOOO HARD BUT STICK WITH IT, STAY STRONG AND KEEP POSTING AND SOON YOU'LL FEEL GREAT!http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:hrudCJPN0rVbyM:http://www.e-flowersuk.co.uk/dynamic_images/full/77_1.jpg


Hi Free3

Day 5 for me too. Almost caved twice today. About to go back to work so glad really need some distraction been here before so i know it gets better. But you forget how hard it is till your back here so make sure you never come back HEHE. HOpe to see you in day 6 Linda xxxxxxx


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