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Day 4 of many many attempts of quitting!!!


Hi all

I have been smoking on and off for 23 years, wow saying it out loud has made me realise how long I've been doing this!! I've quit a few times longer for three years but always gone back. This time I've had two little children and I guess it's been my "me" time five mins in the garden is my bit of time for me, plus I enjoy smoking! Perhaps it's the little habits or the act of it. Sure nicotine helps! My hubby also smokes so it's either he will go all day and I'll buy or other way round which is frustrating when trying to stop, torture all day the you know in the house!! Anyway I decided I had to do this there was no easy day or sudden wake up of Wanti g to quit. So when my brother offered and I said no thanks I thought good a day as ever! That was four days ago and been strong, especially as know husband has some but right now I desperately want one!!!! Really bad right now I'm imagining myself in the garden coffee in hand and fag in mouth and feel all dreamy!!! Help!! It's worse knowing they are right there just downstairs waiting!!! Why are they so bloody addictive!!!! Always waiting arnt they to make you start again hence why I'm still smoking!!! Anyways any advice def welcome

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Also did anyone else feel sooooooo irritable and niggly?!!!


hehehe...change your name to serial quitter and join my gang, we can always use another one around.


I'm on day 106 today and very flipping proud of it.

All you can do is try and day it will click for you. It will not click if you stop trying, so the moment you give up trying that's the moment you lose.

Good luck!


That's great well done! Literally don't even have one puff they will get you again!!! Haha I'm not sure it ever clicks I reckons it's just a case of doing it anyway and reLising if you gave just the one you will be back to as many as you smoked before in no time! I wanted to be a nice little social smoker here and there with friends, perhaps at weekend etc but nope! Can't do it, I have one, I want another and first thing in morning! One reason wanted to quit was I'm so fed up of being addicted to something, having it niggling me all day, making decisions for me!!!


it does click....Im the living proof of that.

I do not want to smoke anymore, I am actually disgusted by the idea....and believe me when I say, I would be a serious lost case when it comes to quitting the cigarettes.

I do not want to smoke,

I do not have any cravings

...but I still think about them...the trick is understanding that just because it's on your thoughts it does not mean you want it or need it.

eg. I'm constantly thinking about the gas bill - it does not mean I want it or need it.

Strongs buddy :) If I can do this, everyone can too ! :)

Managed to get to day5! Yesterday was difficukt had one in my mouth but didn't light it. Just distracted myself. Sometimes I find you fancy one again when your body starts to feel better. Next few days are going to be challenging. Seeing friends I always smoke with its our coffee and fag time outside, so need to create new habits. Like you say it's the thought not necessarily wanting to draw he smoke into my lungs as my chest hurts at the moment!!!


Well done! The process now is to tick the hours as they go along.

There is no other way, its the process. It is a rotten process! some days are just ok, some are horrible, some might seem unbearable and next thing you are just fine again.

It's also slow...time seems to go very slow on the first days.... but 4 is gone and the first 4 days are definitely the worst.

If you can do 4, you can do another 4.

Try to focus on the final line rather than the little things in the way, those little things, just push them away and carry on.

Good luck buddy! Stay strong, Only You can finish this race :)

HercuValued Contributor

Hi Nl 1 and a very warm welcome.....Yes your Journey has begun with the usual and familiar Symptoms....One thing you must try and forget is that nice cup of coffee and fag in the garden... Try to remember the stench...the battling to breath... the wheezing chest...the out of breath times..the coughing ... in short ..all the bad things and then your quit will be easier... Yup I Know it is easy for me to say now but in my first week I felt the same as you......Strongs and hang in there !!!


Welcome NI1, huge well done on reaching Day 5!

You now need to be 100% focused and determined from here on in, read up on what to expect over the coming weeks, keep busy and post as often as you need to. Wishing every success!

If I can do it I'm a hopeless quitter at least I was , don't give in to yourself know how to deal with the cravings you are essentially fighting with yourself so you know your opponent very well, never let your guard down you can do it and use this site in the early days like ads of help and support on here

Good luck.....oh hi mmaya......u,hmm.


Hi Pedz ;) happy new year buddy!

Pete, 107 days today (I know you don't count them ahahah) We're good!!!!!


Thanks guys. Managed another day, been great day with good friend who also quit talking addictions and addict behaviour. It's almost like you forget smoking is a major addiction. We both fought running out and buying a packet and it's interesting to see the emotional attachment to cigarettes, almost like a friend or a way to fit in or a view of yourself as a confident smoker! When I really wanted one I realised today it's because I needed time out from kids screaming I didn't necessarily want to fill my body with smoke or smell awful etc. I needed five mins break. I must remember in future to walk myself kindly what do I wamt right now ,isn't just be five mins to self or a nice long bath etc. here's to day 6!!!!


Great to see you walking through your path calmly...

That is the correct attitude.

You are very right, Im actually of the opinion that smoking is one of the worst dependency One can have.

For me, and I started smoking at the age of 12, it become my all life.

I literally had to learn how to act, behave, how to be myself without the is difficult and I will never forget how difficult it is.

Those memories... I really treasure them. They will keep me away from relapsing.

I found knowledge about this addiction is great to be able to fight it.

The more you know abt your next stage, the more chances you have to beat it.

Ultimately... There's no right or wrong... Only not allowed to light up a cigarette.

Stay strong, it's almost time to celebrate 1 week and you are doing so

Old habits do die hard, or try to if we let them. Just accept that you will be faced with temptation in these early days. Accept these urges for what they are and ride them out because they won't last forever and your quit really will get easier as time goes on.

Wishing you lots of success and a happy and smoke free 2016.

Day nine woo hoo!! Def getting easier. Noticed when I crave is going into a new situation where I used to smoke. For example yesterday I was driving home and really fancied one. But knew it wasn't cigarette it was a bit of peace and quiet on my own, so had a bath instead. When I picture the smoke in lungs and ought of smell I know it's not the cigarette, it's the memory I think. It's still a bit hard though. My husband said he would stop too but isn't and it's difficult knowing they are always here and I have to stop myself getting angry as now I've stopped I want him too! I know unreasonable as it took me so long and attempts but when your married it's like a partnership what they do affects you etc but I'm going to just let go and let him go on his journey with his and hope my giving up inspires him......


Wow!!! 9 already?! Congratulations!

From day 10 to day 21 is the time to sit back and relax, don't put your guards down at any stage...but enjoy the lovely smell of clean hair, enjoy your feet and hands warmer, enjoy not spending 10 eur per day in cigarettes.

Have a good look around you.

Realise how many smokers are out there

They are out on the cold, under the weather just for a few puffs.

The difference between you and them is that you used to be them and now - you are just You!


Hurray to the first 9 days of your smokes free life.

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