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Day two done if I can sleep now!!

Right here iam at the end of day two. Didn't get much sleep last night but ended up having a nap with fresh patch on this morning n the dreams were quite real I gotta say!! N every time I eat something I sort of reach out to roll a cig n then say wat the hell am I doing!! Coffee tasted better today then yesterday n didn't really crave after. Caffeine buzz was nice! Think this is the drug that's gonna get me thru day 3 lol. Gonna do more cleaning tomoro to keep busy. Had to also put off some friends coming to see me today cus all my friends r smokers n not strong enough to watch them smoke while I don't yet! That can be a next week thing! Some other challenge to look forwards to lol. Have bought a big bag of boiled sweets n suck them wen I'm feeling like a cig, that works bloody well I gotta say, that's my tip of the day hehehehhe. Good luck to u all n long may this smoke free life carry on!!

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Well done on getting to day three (Today) LOL

The big positive is that be the end of today you will be nicotine free (Barring what the patches supply)

From here on the smoking cravings are all psychological, however you MUST take into account the changes your body is making the worst of which is its ability to handle caffeine read HERE, so go easy on the coffee to day :).

I have also taken the time to enclose other interesting facts that helped me through my quit.

The Withdrawal Timeline HERE

The first week "Glory Week" HERE has a wealth on information, if you are serious about quitting read ALL you can, the better you understand your addiction and the road ahead, the better you will be prepared to handle it.

Stay Strong and Good luck on !


Nice one, Glemm! Well done!

I'll be posting my day 1 experience at the end of play tomorrow. Just hope that I can follow in your well-placed footsteps. :)


Thanks everso for all ur encouragement ;)


How do I join the December quitters group??


Congrats on getting through the first couple of days :D

To join a group click on User CP which is next to the FAQ bit. On the left hand side will be a social groups link - click that and it will take you through the right bit (I only just worked it out too :p )


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