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Ramblings of a mad woman!

I've had a difficult day today, I stopped taking the Champix a few days ago and thought I was doing OK, but I have been very irritable and anxious today, clenching my jaws. I took my dog for a long walk this morning and popped into a local shop for polos and found myself looking at the cigarette counter, it seemed like fate but the song playing in the background was my quit song Hotel California, and I left the shop with just my polos.

I have come to realise, that even though at this present time I am 100% dedicated to my quit, when a bad crave comes, and it can come at any time or place, for that split second my resolve goes down to 50% and I am on the precipice of the abyss, this is when I need the strength to stay quit. You can never become complacent and can really only do this on your own.

Sorry for the long winded posting, I just felt the need to post this for myself.

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Long winded Jane ..... noooooo .... I can show you long winded :)

I do agree that at the end of the day we have to do this alone, we have to deal with our own demons in brain but for the first time in my life I have opened up a little and you and many others have helped top up my strength and resolve.

Well done getting over that hurdle.

Many other "tests" will come our way but we will beat them.....oh yes....we will.

Hotel California and polos sound like a quit plan to me.

Sorry about the edit but I only posted about 5 words at first .... I'm using a tablet and it's a little bit like pulling teeth at the moment.....gawd I feel old.

It's taken me forever to type this!!

Stay strong Jane :)




Zero-New life

Hi Jane you are 100% correct,have a read of this its something i have just posted on Maxigenius's thread...................Never let your guard down not even for a split second...............:D:D:D:D

Yet again a great idea from Maxigenius......................

My one bit of advice to make your quit so much easier would be this.............................Your going to get cravings weather you like it or not, and yes they get easier with time, in this life you have to work at everything (even if you have a silver spoon).nothing comes for free.

If i get a craving i ALWAYS remind myself that i am not missing out on anything no matter how good it smells or how my smoking mind wants me to believe. It takes a fraction of a second to think of the benefits of smoking (ZERO) and on the other side it takes all night to think of all of the benefits of quiting smoking. So by that time your cravings have just disappeared. So in shorthand this is how i think when i get a craving ................Missing ZERO but gaining a new life and SMILE while thinking it.............

Believe me it works for me and its so so your home work and get ready for a new and exciting life

Kind Regards

Darrell (will power)


Yes, I can see where you are coming from, and it is easy for me to tell myself that now, because I feel strong, but in that split second of craving, your irrational mind tries to take over. Today was the first time in 38 days that I had to use all my emotional strength. It feels scary that a crave may happen, when I am unable to use that strength. What is it that tips the balance from 51% rather than 49%.


??! aha, question answered.


Thanks Max

This may sound strange, but it feels like I am battling something more than nicotine, it feels like I am battling with an alter ego.

I am very impatient and want this over!

Reply too.

Thought it was all going to be done, dusted, picked and packed after a week! Pfft!

Ahh well 25 years of shhhmowking aint going to vanish overnight, if we're still like this after 25 years of quitting then I reckon we got a right to be miffed....until then....guess we'll have to just keep going.

I'm hoping that in 25 years time I won't be able to remember my name .... never mind that I smoked :D


Thanks Max

This may sound strange, but it feels like I am battling something more than nicotine, it feels like I am battling with an alter ego.

I am very impatient and want this over!

That makes sense to me Jane!!

Was a regular smoker for most of the last 13 years and have trained myself that a fag is the answer to everything and trying to unlearn that is hard!! Even before that I smoked for fun so it goes back further than that really - point is though we're re-learning what's normal now and it's going to be well worth it when we do!!


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