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Like a woman posessed - day 5


Werhoodedoo got to the end of day 5 (well almost)!!!

Just running about manically cleaning and doing stuff constantly to try and keep my mind off smoking. OOOOh its hard!! I have been having a turbulent time with my partner aswell so if i can cope without them now i can do it anytime. My likkle kids are loving the manic hands on more than usual mum whos not nipping off every 15 mins for a cig. So generally its all good.

I'm on the 10mg patches, dont feel like pulling it off yet cos I dont want to become anymore manic than im acting at the moment!!!!!! Relaxation is hard to fit in when you have 2 kids under 5!! Anyone got any good stress busting tips?

Glad I found the site nice to be around like minded people(my partner is a heavy smoker)for a bit of a support thanx xx

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Hi Manic Angela-you get a hell of alot more done when you stop smoking-bet your house and children are all shiney clean-hehe!!!:p

ignore Bibleblack-hes' a naughty boy on this forum!!;)

well done and welcome to the forumxx

Hi Angela :D

I think most of us probably ran around like Loonies to start with helped us not to think about fags it worked for me anyway

As Shabba say's B B is our resident naughty boy HA HA



Hi Jim :D :D

As we were saying HA HA and it's no good you trying to hide I can see you

Heh remember saying that to my kids when they played me up



haha glad to know I'm with like minded loonies :p makes me feel at ease

way I'm going the gardens going to be totally landscaped and the house redecorated by the end of the week!!:eek: Just got to keep busy. I'm finding that I cant talk on the phone too long I used to smoke like mad through a phonecall now i have to keep it brief, either that or say goodbye to my nails!(ive never bitten my nails in my life):confused:

Thanx for the encouragement, and the reassurance that im not completely losing it!! :p

well done angela, day 6 nearly over then we onto our first week as non smokers! Wow that feels great saying/typing that.

strange feeling to think of the amount of time we used to spend puffing away, and like you im trying to keep busy im finding it easier to go out more thank be in the house at those trigger times, glad the weathers been better or id be out in all weathers telling the little ones fresh air is good for you when i used to say its too cold!

well one week in, look forward to reading your posts into our 2nd week!


Well done angela :)

I think being a loony mum is the best way to be- and if you can quit while coping with kids etc, then you can do almost anything :D

I wasn't going to quit for a while yet, as i have a very ill dad, have had relationship troubles, and have 4 children... and work behind the ciggy counter in the evenings.. but i stopped on the 2nd, and it's day 16 tomorrow!

I think we should form a loony/possessed/cleaningmad/quitting mums group!

Angela.... good going - almost week2!!!

My house well... it was sparkling clean the first few weeks.... not sure what happened but it's looking a bit messy..... I think I am just starting to feel normal again :)

I am hardly on the phone these days.... my biggest trigger! My mom doesn't like that but I have noticed the conversations have moved from a quick 'hi and bye' to almost 5-10 minutes!! Translation: It gets easier and you will feel like yourself again :) Just hang in there!!!!

nice to know i'm not alone!!

Havent been on the net much still running about loony like,not much change there then!!

Can't believe it i'm on my 17th day!! Unbelievable!!:D

Im also on my 17th day.... just read the whole thread... cant beleive i was the same day 3 i actually locked my self away threw a sickie from work and ended up re arranging the whole of my flat i was possessed.... i then decided i needed to take a second day off to really finsihed organising everything.... if people i know could see me i think they would think i was sick... in a way i wish i was back to that stage as i could really do with finishing my ironing ha ha x :rolleyes:

Thats funny:D

My garden looks like it never has done and i've sorted out 4 binliners of stuff for the charity shop. Out with the old in with the new!! Spring cleaning in and out hehe

I've slowed down on my manicness:D but feel it helps when i'm a bit stressed, having a craving.

Stopping smoking has given me the boot up the behind i've needed to change other things in my life. I had a baby 18 months ago and i'm wanting to start a career so booked a meeting with an advisor. This has given me confidence, if i can stop smoking i can do anything hehe, well i can try:)

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