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No Smoking Day
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Eaten my way through day 2!!

Ok, so I don't normally have a sweet tooth, but today....including normal meals, I have also managed to eat 3 massive white chocolate cookies.....and nearly demolished a ox of 24 Jaffa Cakes!!

BUT HEY...........I haven't smoked!!!

If I stopped yesterday 8 am.....how many hours have I gone smoke free?! soz, my brain has been frazzled by chocs!

All others on the first few days.....WELL DONE! XXXX

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Ok, so I don't normally have a sweet tooth, but today....including normal meals, I have also managed to eat 3 massive white chocolate cookies.....and nearly demolished a ox

Don't you just love typos? Hahaha. This forum is the worst for it for sure.

One thing I love about everyone on this forum at the moment, is that as a group of mad, nutty, former smokers, we have the ability to put a smile on each others faces from time to time amidst the 'woohoos' of support and timely suggestions.

Love it. Isha, you're coming up to about 36 hours now, nice one!



YAY KAT!! Your eating loads too!! Don't you find that when your waiting for something to cook......you used to think...oh I'll have a quick ciggy??!! Well, Im still cooking too......and waiting fir the food, Ive been cleaning!! house has never been sooooo clean!! Glad your doing well too.....so your 48 hours yeah?? Thats FANTASTIC!

My only dread is when having a drink at weekends.......scared to drink this weekend.....my just stick to coffee............NOOOO can't/mustn't drink coffee....thats another trigger..........Oh well.....water it is then!!

........then again, maybe I should just buy some grapes to freeze! ;-)


Haweye.....just to clarify....no Ox passed my lips!!! LMFAO!


LOL! Each to their own!!! xxx

Must admit today, I can really see all the times, triggers etc that Ive never really noticed before.......makes me feel bad too. Usually as my son naps.....Im straight out in the back garden .... Ive even put his favourites Mickey Mouse and Fireman Sam ... just to go for sneaky ones!

Makes me realise how all them 5 minutes add up.....am now spending more time playing with him.......

Think I'll have early nights all this week!


Thats very true......although I think Im now spending more on chocolate!!! ;-)

have been coughing a bit today too.....assuming this is normal? Didn't have it last time I gave up. x


Well done Isha! You're doing really well!

I wouldn't worry too much about snacking at the moment. I keep telling myself that the weight will be easier to shift as a non smoker cos I'll have more energy.....I'm in deep doo-doo if I'm wrong tho!! lol

Stick with it :D it keeps getting easier!


juju in the doodoo - nuhuh, nuhuh, never gonna happen!

Also Julie, have a big, cuddly, warm and friendly "Welcome To Month 2" from me! Great going, you've got this! :cool:


I fed my face with everything, but especially sweet stuff, absolutely NON STOP for about two weeks, having never had much of a sweet tooth before.

It did calm down but I'm afraid I've not been able to shake the desire for cake and biscuits and chocolate ever since quitting, I have to be really strict with myself. And after 2 years I'm about a stone heavier than I used to be as a smoker.

But hey, I'd rather that than be puffing away on the sticks of death!!



Think it's just the trend to eat, eat, eat. I sometimes used to replace whole meals etc, with a coffee and a few ciggies. So now I'm eating 3 square a day, plus snacks, hence the weight gain. However, more importantly no cigs.

So I'm with everyone else on the healthy eating / excercise plan:)

Fi x


keep going

Your doing great..................my way around the little eating devil WAS to drink water instead, it worked for me..................any way its so much easier to lose a few pounds than it is to stop smoking so come on dont worry about the weight .keep it up and join us all in this wonderful smoke free life..............i can breath better think better and thats only a few of the benefits of stopping the awful weed.

I stopped 01/01/13 cold turkey and i feel greeeeat :D:D:D:D:


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