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No Smoking Day
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day 96! on my way to 100 :)

Hi Everyone,

just wanted to post a little bit about my journey now that I am nearing a big milestone for myself!

This is my most successful quit and a lot of it owed to this forum, I have spent many cravings sitting here and reading everyone's words of motivation and just having people understand and have the same feelings that I do through out this life change!

Saturday will be a good day for me, day 100! It is almost unbelievably that I have made it this far but then again really believable cause I have worked and fought to keep my quit going and I don't plan to stop anytime soon, even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it life is way better without being a slave to a addiction that I hated!

now what to spend $100 well saved dollars on this weekend!

thanks again to everyone who posts here, it really does make the difference, I think I got it beat this time :)

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Wow 100 days! What an inspiration. Treat yourself you deserve it (:


thanks ladies!

kirstiedee - you will get here as well, one thing i wish i did was post or write about how i was feeling during the early days so i could look back on it and compare how much better i am doing now, its in my head though :)

jenny - congrats to you as well :) 3 month was a great achievement and makes it even better to celebrate 100 days short after! woot woot


Congratulations! What an amazing achievement, enjoy treating yourself ;) x


hahah oops debbieh

umm not too sure what i will buy, need to shop around!

I have a trip to Cuba planned for next month so most likely something nice to wear for my trip :)



Loving your post:)

Hope your so proud my lovely, it's like you've got to the top of a mountain , with a great view ahead.

Many many congrats:):)

Hope you are celebrating big time:)


Flipping heck well done 100 days !!!!!!:)


Congratulations to you on your 100 day milestone! Feels great doesn't it :)


Well done on your 100 days - it only gets better from now :)


100 days, absolutely fantastic. :D


Hi, and congrad.

Ah Cuba, nice sun, beautiful beaches, fantastic music...stay away from those cigar...far far far. You know that they will temp you, get a plan, they even give away some like the rum in contest. Or you go in a cafe and they give you a cigar "on the house". oh a good marketing strategy.

Were do you live in our neck of wood?


thank you!

this will be my 2nd time in Cuba, luckily I have never really enjoyed cigars...I cant not inhale it so it just doesn't work for me lol. It will be a wonderful feeling to return home with my quit still secure after my trip!

I live in Toronto!


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