No Smoking Day
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Best stay out my way 2 Day!

As day 2 begins I think I need to warn both clients and colleagues to stay out my way DAMN this is by far worse than yesterdy!!

I am not irritable or realy craving, its more the fact that I keep reaching for my smokes ESPECIALY after coffee and completing tasks I smoke around tasks ie:

After this quote I will have coffe and a smoke, or damn that was a hard Job time for coffee and a smoke.

jees I have a smoke for everything :) now it feels like I lost my best freind and and man alive the coffee dont make it easier, soooo today i am gonna walk round with a buddy bottle of water and try not hit the coffee (or clients) PMSL

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I think we all know that feeling - we use smoking to end a task, start a task etc, it feels like there's constant reminders on when we should smoke. If you sit down and think about it though - why???? Allen Carr's book is very good in that it shows us all the excuses we have made about smoking and how daft they are - I'd definitely recommend it!

Stay strong :-)


Hi mate,

Day 2 is tough alright I'm right there with ya pal. All I can say is i'm going to try and get to tomorrow. Today I can't concentrate, am irritable, angry even and distracted and have eaten my breakfast and lunch already, and am hitting the canteen early for my 2nd lunch! I hardly ate during the day normally but i'm preoccuping myself with food at the minute and will worry about that later!

I've been told that after day 3 things can get easier. Not sure they will in my case but I'm holding onto that thought. Keep going mate.




LOL @ Ollie

Dude I have eaten everything in site! even my secretary's rice cake's are lookin edible.

And to top it off I look like a 43 year old "Raver" walking round sipping water from my buddy bottle.


Ha Ha good on ya mate. It's always good to raise a few eyebrows in the office from time to time...keeps em guessing!


stay strong

Chewy? mints? what will help, i know foods not the best option but we've to start somewhere!

Have you tried thinking HA didnt need a smoke? looking at it from a different angle may help, and BREATHE!!!!!

as for looking like a raver goto pound land and get the make your own glow necklace kit that will really get em guessing:) you can make one as a celebration of a cig not lit


Well I made it through my second day!!! it actualy went better today, staying away from triggers seemed to help.


It's definitely a slog at first but worth it, the path smooths out as you go're doing wonderfully, keep at it!


Hi HadEnuf

I take it from your signature that you are another destined for the "Hall of Cold Turkey Fame" :D

I completely agree with you about a smoke for every occasion!

It used to drive my wife absolutely barmy!

"are you going to fix the toilet love?"

"Yeah in a minute, I'll just have a fag first!"

"are we ready to go shopping/pub/meal/visit fact just leave the house?"

"Yeah in a minute, I'll just have a fag first!"

I wanted to study procrastination at uni but I kept putting it off! :rolleyes:

Mind you, I'm not too sure of your sanity when you threaten to eat rice cakes ..... may I suggest cardboard instead? Far....FAR ... tastier!

Stay strong :)



Thanks everyone for the kind words and support


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