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No Smoking Day
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over half way through my 2nd day, but theres a problem

Hi guys. Thats me over 1/2 way through my 2nd day and guess what I'm already feeling the benefits.

I have a slight problem though - I work in a pub and I'm working 2nite 6-1 . It's the busiest nite of the week and there will be lots of people going out for fags. Does anyone have any advice as to how to keep those cravings down?



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Hi Phil :)

First well done you 1/2 way through your 2nd day great and already feeling the benefits of being a NON SMOKER and working tonight I can see why you are concerned but look on it as a test or a hurdle to be got over a big one maybe but if you do this you will feel able to handle anything and it will give you loads of confidence so here's what I would do

Make sure you have a glass of water on hand it will help as when or if a crave starts have a sip sounds silly I know but it will help [Promise} next PITY the poor smokers for the Junkies they are which will help even more oh and make sure you ahve your gum with you even ordinary gum will help especially airwaves for some reason

On no account if someone offers you a drink take it as you know alcohol may well make you give in the last thing you want I know but a fag and a drink go together very well as you also know Hope this will help you

Let us know how you get on and most importantly try not to worry about it

Just hang in there




Thanks for that advice Marg, I will surely put it to the test tonight at work!! I usally have coke when I'm thirsty, but I will drink plenty water instead - I have got some new gum, so I will take that as well and here's hoping I come out feeling prouder than ever!!

Wish me luck guys, I'm goin in:D


Hi Phil :D

You are more than welcome I am quite sure you will as you say come out feeling prouder than ever oh remember to take that willpower as well HA HA

you know you can do this

Good Luck and talk to you soon




oh yea can't forget my willpower, I think I put it into storage after last time hehe

Thanks again :) x


Well jolly well dig it out then phil



-Notice how bad they smell when they come in from a smoke.

-Know that smoking doesn't help anything its just feeding your nicotine addiction.

-Stay strong, cravings will go whether you smoke or not.




hi phil,, marg and nic have said it all ,it will be a psychological battle soon,,but you must be strong very strong,,and let your will power do battle with the little nicotine devel,,there should be only one out come for you [,NON SMOKER ],,so you just keep the faith tony keep:D:D:D


Well I hope you made it through your day just fine, Phil!! Great job being so determined..... a good attitude, lots of laughs, deep breathing, staying distracted are GREAT tools to beat the nic demon..... makes me think he is not so strong after all :D Stick with us here.... when alone with your thoughts it is sometimes a bit difficult to stick with the above tools :) Keep it up!!!!


Hi, firstly well done on your quit!!

Working in the pub may seem hard at first, but luckily all have to smoke outside now, so at least you're not breathing in the fog :)

If it helps, I work behind the ciggy counter at a supermarket part-time( yup.. i dreaded that first day after i quit!!)

I was worried about it, and didn't want to give in and buy any- so I was told on here to--

Think about the money they are wasting

About how they can't last more than 15-30 mins without having to stand outside

they're happy to stand in rain, sleet or snow .. shivering!

When they come back in, they smell.. and it won't be long till this repels you- i have started taking a big sniff of my heavy smoker customers when they queue at my till, and it now puts me right off and makes me blanche!

You are on your way to better health, and living a smoke free life where your day won't be dominated by when to have your next smoke.

Working where i work is not ideal, i have even started telling the customers i've quit (my more regular, friendly ones!) and pointing them towards the NHS website!! I'm sure my bosses wouldn't be impressed.... heh!




Hi, and would like to congratulate you on staying positive, and hope your nites work in the pub proved to be easier than thought, .


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