No Smoking Day
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Half way through day 3

Well, still here and still not feeling any need or desire to smoke. Got up this morning to a beautiful coldsore, mouth ulcers and a lovely 'old man' cough. But hey they won't last forever. I'm telling everyone I know bout me stopping that way I get lots more support and tons of praise for each day. Can anyone tell me how you get the meter thingy please and thanks.

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I havent actually set it up myself yet, but i think the link is here

Best of luck for today.


Hi, Lambchop, theres a few day 3 quiters on the team fresh thread, Join us there and we will all be in it together. Good luck mate xxx :)


Thanks for your help. How do I join your group? I think more the merrier



day 3 too!!!

hi im a day 3 too yes how do i join!!!! =)


Well Nearly at the end of day 3. How's everyone else doing?


hi, tinker1bell, your in mate. Huge welcome. Been a tough day in all but still holding in there folks I just know its gona be better tomorrow. just tonight to get over and party time tomorrow eh? xxx :)


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