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half way through day 3 and things are good

Things are going good. No smokes since 5pm monday gone and think im doing ok so far.the electric fag is keeping the cravings down. To a more than manageable level. The omly time I feel a big craving is first thing in a morning. But I can say is that im able to control them. Im far from being a non smoker and still using nicotine in a different format. But still doing better than I expected. Keep up the good work guys. Together we can do it.

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Good for you, Si :)

Getting the dreaded Day 3 parked is always a result.

Just keep hanging on in there and you'll be in Week 2 before you know it. :D


Sounds good Si, just remember to post if things turn rough......


Great stuff Si!. Keep up the determination!


Well done si....halfway through first wk...:)

You sound positive:)


Nice one Si, sounding positive :) we can indeed ALL do this xx


Hi fellow quitters, Indeed i must have learnt from the past attempts because i do feel things are better on this attempt. whether it be im still getting a fix from the electric i dont know. but i feel that getting to day three without reaching for the old rolles is an achievement in its self.

at least ive limited the amounts of harmful chemicals, still a few i know, but hey one step at a time. it seems to be working for me. Thanks so much for the confidence boosts guys, this place is fabulous for support.

Come on guys keep up the good work, dont let it beat us eh.


Si, getting to day 3 without reaching for the poison sticks is defo a fantastic achievement in anyones book, i felt like that yesterday too. So give yourself a nice big pat on the back, and your (and my) first week will be over before you know it.

Now just off to have a nice glass of red and continue with Mr Carr's book :-)

Day 5 here I come!


Nice one Marty & thank you Karri, were all doing very well,


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