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Screaming my way into Day 2!


Well I got past day 1! Trying to get to sleep last night was nigh on impossible but try I did :o

I am using patches but I take them off at bedtime, I worry about getting those dreams people talk of, though I still had a complete mental dream when I did get to sleep?!

I have screamed and shouted my way around the house this morning :( Moreso because it struck me that I wouldn't be going out into the garden for my "time out" (smoke!) with my coffee, I felt very hard done by!

Going to try and keep busy today and at the same time not move to far from this site!

I really hope everyone else is doing ok x

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Hi Loopy,

Well done on making it to day 2! You CAN do it.


Thanks Alex :)

That sleeping tablet tip is looking more attractive by the second lol! :o

Instead though I have made up a little tub of sweeties, I figure a few extra lbs to deal with is better then trying to deal with dying early?! :eek:

Though not sure which my dentist may prefer haha!

I think you are doing incredibly well because at least you are only screaming and not ripping any ones head off, not yet any way.

There is nothing to stop you going for a walk which does seem to take the edge of the craves or you could chew on a carrot stick or your knuckles :D Time will be your greatest ally and within a few days the worst will be over I am sure, keep occupied use the forum as this is a terrific place to keep you foccussed and good luck because even us quitters need a bit of help.

Well done LoopyLane are doing great , take one day at a time and keep smiling , am watching you in my rear view mirror ...keeping up well hun:D


Hi loopy Lane -

Don't even think about getting through the day at this stage. Just get through the hour!!!

Keep busy. We all have very tidy kitchen cupboards now!!

I did cake baking. Jigsaws and had lots of long hot soaks in bath - just to kill time - to make it to day 3!!

Well -Here I am - DAY 50!!! And remember those first few days so well. Just break it down into bite size pieces -and every now & then look back to see how well you have done..

Be proud of getting to Day 2!! You can do it!!

Well done Loopy your doing so well.

We all seem to be struggling a bit today. :(

I blame the weather. When all else fails, blame the weather!

Thank you all so, so much for your replies. They really are lovely to read. I hope one day I can offer support for someone in the way you guys do!

Tonight has been so stressful! Problems with my teen daughter, arrrrrgggghhh! In reality would smoking make the problem easier to deal with? Will it make it go away? I know the answer, it will just make it worse as I will have the problem of failure to deal with on top of everything else!

Bring on day 3!

(Saying that in a tough voice! Hope I sound convincing!)

Loopy, a cigarette never solved any problems.

I like to think of an example from a stop smoking book I read, by Ivings. She describes a situation in which her car broke down. At the time she thought a cigarette would help under the circumstances, but in reality her car was broken down anyway. Having a cigarette would have been irrelevant.


Daughters!! aaaarrrggghhhh!!!

Found good tactic with teenage daughter -( the worst time of her life etc re exams - boyfriends- hormones -for me it was HELL!!).

Just put down EVERYTHING you are doing. Go for a walk -just the two of you!!! End up in a NICE coffee shop -and 2 hot chocolates later(including a piece of the stickiest, gooeiest cake going) the world seems a calmer place.

Sometimes we'd walk in silence. I let her take the lead - to download -or not !! If she wanted to talk -that was down to her. I backed off completely.

Now she is over those awful, awful times -we look back and say how nice it was to have done that. A stress buster for both of us.

Aww thank you all x

That is a lovely post Teacup and an idea I may just use! Things got crazy last night, today is a new day and a new start in our household of mayhem :o

Thanks again for the support, it means a lot x

Good luck with the family too!!! Just to let you know that the walk thing was a tip from her Councillor. Yes it had got that bad here!!!

It worked a dream. Took us both out the madhouse of our family home where everyone seemed to be yelling at everyone -for no apparent reason!!! Siblings yelling. Hubby yelling -me in tears. It was hell.

So if it worked here - then give it a try. You may just suprise yourself (and your daughter) that you can actually communicate without one or other losing the plot!!!

AND HAVING A CIGGIE ONLY WILL STRESS YOU OUT MORE!!!! The guilt trip is awful and makes one snappier than ever.

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