No Smoking Day
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4th attempt and feeling confident!

Hi everybody!

Today I stopped smoking :-) and thus far so far so good. Early days eh!

This is my fourth attempt having tried patchs, champix and cold turkey previously. And each of those attempts I've stopped for longer each time: 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 10 weeks.

I'm 28 years old and smoked 20 a day. I bought 4mg gum today and I reallly like it. I like physically doing something ie grabbing a bit of gum and chewing it, then lodging it up in my gum, when I have a craving! I've been keeping myself busy today also which has helped. And I've only had 3 gums!!!! And one bonus with the gums is your not supposed to eat 15 min prior to using them or for the 30 mins the gum is in your mouth so I'm hoping this will stop any out of the ordinary snacking!!! Each gum you have you basically can't eat for 45 mins :-)

I put on one stone when I stopped for 10 weeks last year so I'm really going to try not let that happen again. So swimming tomoro nite it is!

Anyway, good luck to everyone else in the midst of stopping! I'm just going to try my HARDEST to stay strong. Just tell myself I don't smoke when I get a craving. I CAN do this!!!!


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Hi Sarah

You are right....YOU CAN DO THIS! :)

You sound so positive so I'm sure this is the quit for you.

Good thinking about the not eating for 45 mins....that's great way of looking at it :)

Welcome to the forum, keep posting and keep reading

Well done making the decision to go again.

Take care



Hi Sarah

I am on day 1 aswell, I had used a patch but it fell off lol. So I am going to attempt CT.

Good luck :) With the great support on this forum sure we will do it and beat the fags for good :)



Welcome Sarah and Lex. we will be there for you, but it all sounds good to me!


Hi Lex,

Oh your brave CT! I last tried that when I was in my teens! I'm really loving the gum :-)

Tomoro is my first day back at work. I work in an office, so it will be strange not going outside at breaks! My plan is to just stay put in the office for a few weeks at least! I've not been around smoke as of yet...though I remember in the past when I tried to stop I used to love it when a smoker was walking say in front of me and I could breath in the smoke lol sad or wat!

And hit the pool tomoro night keep myself occupied and fit :-)

I think if my patch fell off I would have just put another one on? Are you planning on CT all the way?!

Good luck tonight!!! Tis gona be strange tomoro but I'm going to try embrace it :-)

Sleep tight :)


Good luck to you! One day at a time you can do it! :D


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