No Smoking Day
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First Attempt

Hi im new to the forum and quitting.

Had my Final rollup at 10pm last night, i visited the Stop Smoking nurse at my GP, (she was very helpful and an ex smoker her self)

I have been given 15mg patches and 4mg Gum, have a patch on and tried one gum, so far so good, "I wont smoke today" is all thats in my head.

Each time i have had the erge today i have given my daughters a nice big cuddle. seems to work.

I keep getting a tingling feeling in my legs and feet? is this common.

Thanks for the great site, have read the recommended pages/sites


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Hi ByeByeFags :D

Well done on making one of the most important decisions you will ever make and welcome to the forum You will get plenty of help and support on here as we all help each other

Read anything you can find as it really helps in case you didn't find them here are 2 that I find very helpful and

A lot of us have something we say to ourselves yours is good say it to yourself everyday and when you get a crave it will help you

I don't know if tingling legs and feet is common or not but I had it plus my fingers tingled I was a bit worried about this and went to GP he said it was because the blood was getting more oxygen with not smoking still get it from time to time

Good Luck with your quit

Marg :D


Hi, cant add much more than Marg, but, I got burning feet! Well not on fire, but really hot. Put it down to my circulation returning to normal. If it continues and you are worried check it out at the docs, though I suspect its smoking related. xxxx



Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your quit.

"I wont smoke today":):)

Those are very good words to go by, good luck.



Well another couple of hours have drifted by, had dinner and didnt want one after. I thought to myself: "If i wanted smoke on top of my food i would have burnt it"

Thanks for your replies. :)


You are doing well,hang in there, you will feel the benefits of quitting soon.


Morning BBF, how are you feeling on day 2? Try to keep positive, things will start feeling much better soon!


Hi all

Day 2 and still feeling good, stayed in bed this morning with a nice cup of tea, no need to get up and go outside for a smoke, what a great feeling


Welcome to the forums and a huge well done to you on giving the cigs the boot. Stay focused and before you know it you will be at the end of the first week.




Well done BBf

You are in the right place here you will have great support and advice. The first week is the hardest but can be done just take it a little bit at a time. xxxx

Hi Dee

Missed you was getting a bit worried.xxxx


Hey it really is in your mind! just come home from shopping and took the dog for a walk, Really felt like a cig but instead of having a Nicorette Gum i had a normal sugar free gum instead and it worked!



Day 2 already so glad you still feel good keep positive and before you know it a week will have gone and you will be over the worst

Take it one day at a time and know that we are all here for you

Good Luck



Hi all

Day 2 and still feeling good, stayed in bed this morning with a nice cup of tea, no need to get up and go outside for a smoke, what a great feeling

Yeah, I noticed that. I used to get up a hell of lot quicker in the bad old days. Find I am much more tempted to a bit of lay in at the weekends rather than be straight up for the coffee and fag:D


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